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Tea estate

Yorkshire Tea responds to BBC report on child labour in Assam

Yorkshire Tea, part of Taylors of Harrogate, have presented their conclusions from their own inquiry following BBC reports of child labour and other problems on tea estates in Assam.

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Has Volkswagen's cheating brought the CSR movement into disrepute?

A few years ago, I made a prediction that some time in the following five years, a CSR champion – probably a sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index – would "suffer a scandal serious enough to add weight to the CSR sceptics". Arguably, that has now happened with the revelation that people at Volkswagen deliberately cheated emissions tests so their vehicles could pollute more heavily than legally permitted and thereby damage people's health.

McDonald's Restaurant

US: McDonald's to use only cage-free eggs within next decade

McDonald's has said that it will source the 2 billion eggs it uses annually in the US and Canada from cage-free hens over the next decade. Less than one percent of its eggs are currently cage-free.

Chipotle GM

US: Chipotle sued for GM-free menu claims

Chipotle, which caused something of a stir when it previously announced it was aiming to purge its menu of genetically modified ingredients, is being sued by a Californian woman for false advertising.