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The expectations on business are changing fast - and the world they operate in is changing even faster. Business Respect was launched in order to provide commentary, news and resources on how business can successfully meet these expectations to the benefit of the business and of society. It aims to support organisations and individuals worldwide who are promoting corporate social responsibility from a pro-business perspective.

The website seeks to give individuals ways to get to the news, events or resources they are most interested in without having to wade through lots of other material of less interest. It aims to provide insight by using, and linking to, high quality resources which provide insight into the most important areas of practice and change.

There is no such thing as a socially responsible business! Businesses take actions when individual leaders, managers and front-line staff take day to day decisions on how to do business. Businesses go through phases when they are well-led, well-grounded in values, smart and strategic - they also go through phases when they forget some of those things and do less well. Informing and inspiring employees to carry out business in the right way is an important process. Business Respect aims to play a part in that.

People are not inspired by policies, or processes, or corporate case studies that pretend that the company acts of one mind, and never makes mistakes. People are inspired by stories of the actions of people - what they see that makes them want to act, what obstacles they face and how they overcome them. How they deal with the defeats, and turn them into something that will inform the next success. That is where we aim to focus.

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