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Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional, Dubai - ILM Approved

1 Oct 2017 - 3 Oct 2017, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Advanced CSO Professional Training is a training course offering a unique holistic viewpoint to Sustainability. Experienced professionals will benefit from our interactive approach focusing on both strategic and operational aspects of Sustainability.

Event organiser: Sustainability Knowledge Group
Sustainability Knowledge Group is a global advisory firm dedicated in creating value, through strategic CSR and Sustainability solutions.  More info

Type of event: training
Target audience: all audiences
Issues covered: general CSR, responsible marketing, community affairs, supply chain, corporate governance, strategy, CSR reporting

Gain in-depth understanding of Sustainability and CSR ecosystem and future development
Learn to formulate sustainability strategies and integrate CSR into corporate structure
Practice on real life Social Return On Investment (SROI) cases
Articulate the business case for sustainability
Ensure maximum impact from Sustainability and CSR initiatives
Influence Sustainability and CSR positive development within company and partners

Top Benefits
At the end of our three-day Advanced CSO Professional Training, participants will have developed the skills and methodologies to:
Lead sustainability in your organization
Assess, identify, and manage opportunities and risks from a sustainability perspective
Adopt a strategic stakeholder engagement approach
Develop, implement, monitor and communicate Sustainability and CSR strategies and initiatives
Improve sustainability performance, organizational profile and competitiveness
Effectively disclose organizational strategies, material issues, impacts, and performance

Key Topics include
Practical Sustainability and CSR Concepts
Global Legislation
Stakeholder Management
Sustainability and CSR Trends
Sustainability and CSR Programs
Sustainability and CSR initiatives
Social Return on Investment (SROI)
Sustainable Supply Chains
Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Assessment
Sustainability Reporting
Sustainable Communications
The future of CSOs
Post-course Assignment for Certification

Who should attend
Advanced CSO Professional Training is ideally suited to professionals and leaders seeking advance in-depth knowledge in CSR/Sustainability.
An ideal candidate may play a role in:
Governance and Risk Management
Human Resources
Supply Chain/Logistics
Health and Safety
Operational Excellence
Corporate Philanthropy/Foundations

Training Methodology
We firmly believe that a friendly, supportive, and engaging learning environment is key to building long-lasting knowledge and maximizing retention. To support this belief, we built this course around a dynamic mixture of lectures, practical exercises, best practice case studies and group discussions. Our method builds not only knowledge, but a confidence in discussing and applying CSR/Sustainability topics and the platform for exchanging ideas and building valuable connections. Each course closes with a post-course assignment to evaluate the level of knowledge gained through this course and upon passing results in the earning of an ILM endorsed certificate.

Global ILM Recognition
The prestigious Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) is the UKs largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications.
Following your successful completion, you receive the Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional Certificate which is endorsed by the ILM verifying your knowledge and successful completion.
Additional guidance is provided for the successful completion of your post-course assignment.

Event cost: 1930.00 (United States, Dollar (USD)) inc. sales tax

Early bird rate expired on 31 Dec 2015

Event website: Go to website

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