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Companies vs Climate Change

4 Oct 2017 - 6 Oct 2017, Brussels, BELGIUM

The European CvCC conference will bring together corporate executives and business managers from different industry sectors and countries to learn how to mitigate and solve the impacts of global climate change.

Event organiser: Companies vs Climate Change
Companies vs. Climate Change (CvCC) is an apolitical media and events company whose mission is to serve as a global forum for companies of all sizes to share best practices for solving climate change with wholly justifiable business value.

Type of event: conference
Target audience: chief executives, marketers, CSR managers, HR managers, sales, procurement managers, community affairs managers, NGOs
Issues covered: human rights, community affairs, environment, product responsibility, supply chain, corporate governance, strategy, CSR reporting

Following a successful debut in the U.S., the European edition of the CvCC conference will bring together corporate executives and business managers from different industry sectors from all across Europe to learn how to mitigate and solve the impacts of global climate change. The agenda features cutting-edge presentations from Proximus, SAP, Solvay, Siemens, Henkel, Carlsberg, Philips Lighting, UCB Pharma, ArcelorMittal, Lidl Belgium, CDP, and Schneider Electric, to name only a few.

CvCC Europe will be offering a unique discussion and networking forum for corporate sustainability professionals to share innovative approaches, inspire and encourage their peers, and to drive collaboration.

Topics to be discussed include:

- How to convert a decarbonization program into a compelling business case
- How software solutions and technology can help tackle climate challenges
- How to seize the benefits from the circular economy and other sustainable business models
- How to tackle the challenges of responsible sourcing in a complex global supply chain
- How to re-purpose CO2 from carbon capture for new products
- How to exceed science-based targets by setting ambitious zero-carbon footprint, zero-wastewater goals as part of an integrated sustainability strategy
- How to drive climate action through strategic collaboration and effective supplier engagement
- How to use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a compass for corporate sustainability strategies
- How to win the hearts and minds of the finance community by pursuing a net zero concept
- How to use sustainable portfolio management to increase business performance and accelerate growth

In order to prompt interaction and exchange, the event provides a mix of keynote presentations, panel discussions, best practice cases, 1-on-1 networking opportunities, as well as showcases and exhibits.

Join the Companies Vs Climate Change conference in Brussels and become a part of the climate change solution.

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Event cost: (Euro (EUR))

Corporate Rate1000.00 (inc. sales tax)
Governmental, Non-Profit, Acad700.00 (inc. sales tax)
Day Pass450.00 (inc. sales tax)

Early bird rate expired on 16 Sep 2017

Event website: Go to website

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