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Social responsibility and finance - on the precipice

Author: Mallen Baker

In a recent article, the BBC's economics editor Robert Peston highlighted the fact that in 2012 the chances are that the economy - punch drunk as it is from the various flavours of debt crisis it has been pummelled with over the course of the year - will be hit by the collapse of a major bank and / or government.

London riot

What should companies do when the riots break out?

Author: Mallen Baker

In the UK, the 1980s saw a wave of inner-city riots as the growth of long-term unemployment and urban deprivation meant that frustrations boiled over into an orgy of violent protest. What did businesses do then - and are we now back in the same position?

Children carving a block of sandstone
Photo: Chris Harrop

Values carved in stone

Author: Mallen Baker

While TV documentaries focus on children working in textiles, an altogether tougher, more difficult issue gets little attention. Watch this - and you'll never buy paving for your patio or driveway without asking a few questions first.

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