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EU: Mandatory reporting law passed by European Parliament

Major businesses in Europe will be required to produce social and environmental reports as part of their standard annual report following the passing of a law in the European Parliament.

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US: Businesses call for political action on climate change

Hundreds of businesses, including Microsoft, Diageo, General Motors, Unilever and Levi Strauss, are calling on federal policymakers to properly address climate change.

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US: Smart choices food label collapses

The Smart Choices food label, which numbered amongst its advocates companies such as Unilever, Kellog and Kraft, has been halted following controversy over whether it set the bar too low on how it rated foods.

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Pakistan: Union campaign targets Unilever's Lipton Tea

The plight of 700 contract agency workers at a Unilever tea factory in Pakistan has been highlighted by a union campaign to get the workers granted permanent job status.

Unilever commits to traceable palm oil by 2015

Unilever, one of the biggest consumers of palm oil, has announced that it would back a moratorium on further palm oil related deforestation in Indonesia, and it commits to using only fully traceable palm oil by 2015.

UK: Campaigners attack Unilever over palm oil

Campaigners dressed as orangutans scaled the walls of Unilever's London headquarters, as well as protesting outside a factory elsewhere in the UK, in protest at the company's sourcing of palm oil.

Unilever targeted over 'crisis in tea industry'

Action Aid have produced a report, 'Tea Break', targeted at Hindustan Lever, one of the Unilever companies, which it describes as profiting from worsening conditions for workers on plantations.

Unilever challenges shareholders who don't vote

Unilever has requested - and received - explanations from 10 of its key investors who failed to vote at its last annual general meeting in a move that potentially turns corporate governance on its head and seeks accountability from the shareholders.

Davos: Unilever chief concerned at threat from public distrust

Niall Fitzgerald, the chairman of Unilever, has warned of the danger posed to business by the public perception of corporate governance during his speech to the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Unilever Chief Calls for Ethical Approach Post-Enron

Multinational firms have to have corporate responsibility and accountability to its customers and markets, suggested Antony Burgmans, chairman of Unilever during a visit to Thailand.

Unilever drops cod in the name of conservation

Birds Eye Walls, owned by Unilever, announced yesterday it would phase out cod fish fingers to save the species from extinction. 

Unilever and Procter & Gamble fight over spy case

Unilever and Procter & Gamble have been in conflict over the revelation that Procter & Gamble obtained highly confidential information on the other's strategy from corporate spies who took documents from rubbish bins.

Unilever - facilitating payments not bribes

The chairman of Unilever, Niall Fitzgerald, denied suggestions in an interview with the BBC that the company ever gave bribes to secure details.

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