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World's largest companies taking action on climate change

More than two thirds of the top 500 companies in the world have now put climate change as a key focus in their strategy, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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South Africa: Fruit pickers still short changed by Tesco - campaign group

Tesco has been accused of breaking a promise to improve the pay and conditions of South African fruit pickers by radical UK NGO War on Want. The Guardian newspaper carried out interviews with workers on farms which supply the retailer who said that they were paid South Africa's minimum wage, rather than what the campaigners describe as a 'living wage' - one that would enable them to meet basic needs.

Uzbekistan: Major retailers call for end of child labour in cotton

A coalition representing the US major retail and clothing companies has called on Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov to tackle the endemic presence of child labour in the country's production of cotton, saying that the current situation is 'totally unacceptable'.

Tesco to stop sourcing from Zimbabwe

British retailer Tesco has said that it will stop sourcing products from Zimbabwe so long as the current political crisis persists there. The company currently buys around 1m UKP of goods from the country.

UK: Retailers in tobacco price probe

The UK's Office of Fair Trading has suggested that tobacco firms and supermarkets including Asda-Walmart, Sainsbury and Tesco, have been involved in an arrangement to swap information on future tobacco pricing which, whilst falling short of price-fixing, had the same effect for customers and would be, if proved, illegal.

Malaysia: Tesco to investigate claims over migrant worker claims

UK retailer Tesco has launched an inquiry into claims that some migrant workers in its Malaysian stores endure poverty level conditions, with 80 hour weeks and low wages.

UK: Tesco calls for government action on cheap alcohol

Tesco has said that it is keen to work with the government on framing legislation that would restrict the sale of cut-price alcohol in the UK.

UK: Tesco avoids child labour cotton from Uzbekistan

Tesco has announced that it is to avoid buying cotton from Uzbekistan because of the country's continued use of forced child labour.

Supermarket Tesco unrepentant in the face of farmers' blockades

UK supermarket giant Tesco is suffering blockades and protests at its depots by a militant farmers group, Farmers for Action.

Tesco and Safeway have most comprehensive codes on labour rights

Tesco and Safeway have been recognised by the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum as having the most comprehensive codes on labour standards. All other companies ignore at least one of the core Labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

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