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US: Apple faces down climate change deniers

Apple chief executive Tim Cook rejected arguments at the company's AGM that it should avoid "unprofitable" action to reduce its impact on climate change. He said that the company didn't only consider return on investment when it took action on social issues such as the environment, and access for people with disabilities. Tim Cook told the AGM that Apple's intent was to "leave the world better than we found it."

US: Apple suppliers paid kickbacks for secrets

A former Apple supply chain manager has admitted guilt in a fraud case in California. Paul Devine had sold inside information to suppliers, enabling them to negotiate more favourable terms.

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Apple suppliers in bribery charges

The two Apple suppliers named as having benefited from bribery allegedly received by its procurement executive Paul Devine have responded to charges. Devine has been accused by the company of having received more than $1m from Asian suppliers in return for confidential market information.

China: Reports on Foxconn abuses suppressed

The Chinese government suppressed news reporting of the allegations of poor working conditions at the Apple iPod factory run by Foxconn last year, according to a new report from Reporters Without Borders.

Apple makes green pledges

Apple computer, which has been criticised by environmental groups over its green credentials, has announced that it is to stop using toxic and hazardous chemicals in manufacturing.

China: Foxconn cuts defamation claim against journalist

Foxconn, whose subsidiary has been recently caught in the iPods 'sweatshop' claims, has slashed a defamation claim against two Chinese journalists to a token one yuan from an initial 30 million.

Apple produces report into sweatshop claims

Apple Computer has produced a report into operations at its suppliers factories in China that were recently the focus of newspaper sweatshop allegations. The report said that some discrepancies had been found, but there is no evidence of child or forced labour.

Apple investigation into sweatshop claims 'still open'

Apple has said that, contrary to some reports, its investigation into alleged sweatshop abuses at its Foxconn Electronics supplier is still open. At the same time, Foxconn has hit back at coverage in a filing with the Taiwan Stock Exchange strongly denying charges.

Apple investigating sweatshop claims on iPod

Apple Computer has said that it is investigating a UK newspaper report that claimed that workers at a Chinese factory manufacturing iPods were working 15 hour shifts for money that was half what should have been the going rate.

Apple hit by racial discrimination lawsuit

A lawsuit is being pursued against Apple Computer seeking $40m in damages for alleged racial discrimination.

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