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PT Nikomas factory in Indonesia - Nike supplier

Indonesia: Nike supplier to pay $1m unpaid overtime to workers

PT Nikomas has reached a settlement to pay workers $1m in unpaid overtime to around 4,500 workers. The company, which makes shoes for Nike at its factory in Banten province, had failed to pay for nearly 600,000 hours of overtime in two years.

Greenpeace detox campaign

US: Sports brands respond to Greenpeace toxics campaign

Adidas, Nike and Puma have committed themselves to 'Zero Toxic Pollution' by 2020 following a 'detox' campaign by Greenpeace. The companies have been in discussions to create a cross industry standard after the campaign group highlighted chemicals used in textile manufacturing.

Photo of air pollution sunset

US: Key companies quit climate change coalition

BP, Caterpillar and ConocoPhillips have said that they are to pull membership of the Climate Action Partnership - the group of companies that had been supporting President Obama's climate change legislation agenda. The companies said they would devote resources to furthering their business interests in other ways.

Sportswear firms reviewing Olympic sweatshop claims

Major sportswear companies have said they are reviewing a report by Oxfam that said that, in the approach to the next Olympic gains, the companies were still benefiting from labour from workers that are being denied basic rights.

Critics of Nike move into selling shoes

Anti-Nike activists are to take their protests about the company to the next level - by producing their own 'black spot' shoes to sell in competition with the famous global brand.

Nike settles Kasky lawsuit

Nike has agreed to settle the lawsuit brought by Marc Kasky over claims that statements it made relating to conditions in some of its suppliers' factories constituted 'false advertising'.

Nike v Kasky: Supreme Court ducks free speech ruling

The US Supreme Court has refused to rule on the issues around commercial speech and free speech at the heart of the Nike v Kasky trial, and have ordered that the California Court hearing can proceed.

Nike, Reebok, Levi Strauss et al disclose factory violations

The US Fair Labor Association has released a report detailing independent audits of seven major footwear and apparel companies looking at the protection of workers rights in their global operations on a factory by factory basis.

US Supreme Court agrees to review Nike case

The Supreme Court has agreed to review the California decision holding Nike potentially liable for all statements it may make about its social and ethical performance by labelling it as 'commercial speech'.

Companies and media rally around Nike on free speech fight

More than 40 companies and others have joined Nike in urging the US Supreme Court to overturn the recent Californian decision to brand all Nike communications on human rights and other issues as 'commercial speech' unprotected by the US First Amendment.

Nike seeks to reverse commercial speech ruling

Nike has sought to appeal against the state Supreme Court ruling that arguments made by the company in response to critics of its labour practices constituted 'commercial speech' and therefore are not protected by the First Amendment.

Nike may move back in to Cambodia with ILO monitoring

US sportswear giant Nike has said that it may return to Cambodia, several years after a television documentary on underage workers prompted the company to retreat.

Australia: Nike and BHP rated worst corporate citizens

According to a recent study carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres, Australian consumers rate Nike and BHP as the poorest performers as far as their corporate social responsibility goes.

New Zealand: Tiger Woods targeted by Nike protestors

Tiger Woods, the golfing superstar playing near Wellington, was challenged by protestors outside a charity dinner who believe that Nike uses sweatshop labour across the world.

Nike accused of a heavy hand with Brazil football sponsorship

Nike have been accused by a Congressional Committee of Inuiry of wielding undue influence over the selection of the Brazil football team, which they sponsor.

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