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Coca cola bottles

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and ABF criticised for 'land grab'

Campaigning NGO Oxfam has highlighted Coca-Cola and PepsiCo as being amongst the companies it claims are benefiting from land taken from indigenous communities across the world.

Coke Kills - banner protest

US: Coca-Cola cleared of union deaths in Colombia

A US federal appeals court has said that it can find no connection between Coca-Cola or its Colombian bottling subsidiary in attacks made against union leaders during the last decade.

Coca-Cola Myths advert

Australia: Coca-Cola issues corrective ads after misleading 'myth busters'

Coca-Cola has been told by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission that ads it ran that claimed to dispel myths about the product making them fat and rotting their teeth may have given consumers a misleading impression.


US: Coca-Cola sued for claims on VitaminWater health benefits

Coca-Cola is being hit with a lawsuit contending that the marketing for its VitaminWater product is 'deceptive' and makes 'unsubstantiated claims'.

Photo of supermarket counter

US: Major food companies support common nutrition standards

Responding to ongoing concerns about rising levels of obesity, a number of major food companies have adopted a common nutritional standard, with a simple recognisable label for the 'Smart Choices Program'.

Coca-Cola defends Olympic sponsorship

The chairman of Coca-Cola has hit back against critics of the Olympics games sponsors in an interview with the BBC, where he said that Coke supported the credo of the Olympic movement which was a good thing for the world.

Consumer groups hand out 'worst product' awards

An international gathering of 220 consumer organisations has attacked a number of products for being socially irresponsible, with top prize going to sleeping pills marketed as beng targeted at children.

Coca-Cola Colombian bottling plant lawsuit dismissed

A US federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia that alleged that the company was complicit in the murder by paramilitary groups of labour union organisers.

India: Kerala ban against Coke and Pepsi overturned

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have won their attempt to get the ban on their products in Kerala overturned.

India: Coca Cola and Pepsi fight back in Kerala

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have mounted a challenge to the state government of Kerala's ban on the production and sale of their products following recent controversies over pesticide residues.

India: Coca-Cola hits back over pesticide residues

Coca-Cola has fought back over the current controversy alleging high levels of pesticide residues in its soft drink products by attacking the standards used for the highly publicised tests.

India: Pepsi and Coke face further pesticide challenges

A new study of Coca-Cola and Pepsi products in India has claimed that products are showing even greater levels of pesticide contamination than a previous study that created controversy.

PepsiCo gains credit for refusing trade secrets sale

PepsiCo has been praised for refusing to buy rival Coca-Cola's trade secrets that were stolen by three Coke employees and offered to it for sale.

US: Fizzy drinks companies to pull out of schools

Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Cadbury Schweppes have said that they are to pull most fizzy drinks from US schools, selling only water, juice and low calorie drinks. The deal was brokered by former President Bill Clinton and the American Heart Association.

Coca-Cola calls on UN to investigate human rights in Colombia

Coca-Cola has asked the UN's International Labour Organisation (ILO) to investigate allegations of human rights abuses in Colombia that have dogged the company over recent years.

India: Coca Cola ordered to close Kerala plant

The Pollution Control Board of Kerala in India has ordered Coca Cola to close its major bottling plant with immediate effect. The move comes after several years of protests against the plant by local campaigners.

India: Cola companies told to disclose product contents

The High Court in Rajasthan has dismissed a petition from PepsiCo and Coca-Cola against a directive that will require them to list the full contents of their products.

Australia: Campaigners criticse Coca Cola support of food study

Research for the Australian Sports Commission, suggesting that the rise in childhood obesity is linked to declining physical activity rather than rising food intakes, has been attacked by critics because it was sponsored by Coca-Cola.

UK: Coca-Cola halts school advertising

Coca-Cola has stated that it is to end the practice of product advertising on vending machines in schools in the UK. The move follows a similar statement covering Scotland, and is seen as a response to the growing mood against product promotions aimed at children during a period of growing childhood obesity.

India: Coca-Cola ordered to stop extracting water in Kerala

The Kerala High Court has ordered Coca-Cola to stop extracting the ground water for its controversial bottling operations that have seen accusations that the company is draining the region's natural resources and despoiling the environment.

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