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Greenpeace detox campaign

US: Sports brands respond to Greenpeace toxics campaign

Adidas, Nike and Puma have committed themselves to 'Zero Toxic Pollution' by 2020 following a 'detox' campaign by Greenpeace. The companies have been in discussions to create a cross industry standard after the campaign group highlighted chemicals used in textile manufacturing.

Germany: Adidas boss criticises Olympics protestors

Herbet Hainer, the CEO of Adidas, has said that he does not regret sponsoring the Olympic Games, and criticised pro-Tibet protestors that tried to disrupt the progress of the Olympic torch.

Sportswear firms reviewing Olympic sweatshop claims

Major sportswear companies have said they are reviewing a report by Oxfam that said that, in the approach to the next Olympic gains, the companies were still benefiting from labour from workers that are being denied basic rights.

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