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McDonald's Restaurant

Sustainable beef coalition frames draft principles

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) has produced draft principles which are open for comment until mid May. The group brings together companies such as Walmart and McDonalds along with NGOs such as WWF and the Rainforest Alliance.

McDonald's Restaurant

Chile: Fast food companies sued over marketing to children

McDonald's, Burger King and other fast foot restaurants are being sued for being in breach of a new law against the inclusion of toys with children's meals. The action is being taken just three months after the law came into force by its principal author and advocate Sen. Guido Gerardi.

McDonald's Restaurant

China: McDonald's and KFC probed over low wage accusations

The Labour Bureau in Guangdong province has begun a probe into allegations that McDonald's and KFC paid part-time employees less than the minimum wage of 7.5 yuan per hour.

McDonald's Restaurant

McDonald's CEO attacks the rise of 'the food police'

In an interview with the Financial Times, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner has defended the company's 'Happy Meals' against the growing number of critics that link McDonald's with the epidemic of childhood obesity.

McDonald's Restaurant

Venezuela: McDonald's closed down for 48 hours

The Venezuelan government has shut down all branches of the fast food chain McDonald's for 48 hours, claiming tax irregularities, although following a tit-for-tat battle with the US over diplomatic expulsions.

UK: McDonald's turns cooking oil into biodiesel

Fast food company McDonald's has announced that the cooking oil it uses in its UK restaurants will be re-used as fuel for its fleet of lorries.

China: McDonald's and Mattel dispute reports of poor conditions

McDonald's and Mattel have said they have found no evidence that poor treatment of workers was behind recent violent protests at a Chinese factory of one of their key suppliers.

Brazil: Soya traders agree moratorium on deforestation

Multinational traders in soya beans have released a statement declaring a two year moratorium on buying soya from newly deforested land in the Amazon. The move follows action by some of the leading food retailers including McDonald's in response to publicity about the issue.

McDonald's to include nutrition information on packaging

McDonald's has said that it is to put nutritional information on its food packaging in restaurants in what it describes as a first for the fast food sector.

McDonald's latest obesity suit thrown out

The second major attempt to hit McDonald's with a class action lawsuit over its contribution to obesity suffered by its customers has been thrown out by a federal judge.

McDonald's hits animal welfare milestone

McDonald's has announced that it has reached a significant milestone in its on-site animal welfare audits, with 500 audits of beef, pork and poultry processing facilities completed worldwide.

McDonald's takes the heat on obesity

McDonald's is facing a second lawsuit on its alleged responsibility for causing obesity - a development that has the entire fast food industry watching with anxiety for a future of tobacco-style class actions.

McDonald's obesity lawsuit thrown out

A lawsuit brought against McDonald's blaming the fast food chain for causing obesity has been thrown out by a US judge in a landmark victory for the company.

UK: McDonald's switches to organic milk

McDonald's is to switch to using cartons of organic milk in its UK outlets. It said the move was a "natural progression", having already changed to free-range eggs in its breakfasts.

McDonald's cricitised for alleged anti-union activities

Members of the European Parliament have met with international trade union activists to review what they describe as the anti-union activities of McDonald's.

Norway: McDonald's criticised for McAfrika burger

McDonald's has attracted furious criticism following its move to sell a McAfrika burger at a time when 12 million people are facing starvation in southern Africa.

McDonald's and Coke fund healthy eating drive

Fast food companies including McDonald's and Coca-Cola are helping to fund a multimillion pound advertising campaign urging Americans to eat more healthily.

McDonald's hit by Hong Kong protests in honour of two little pigs

McDonald's - which has been the butt of a fair few protests in its time - has been hit by one of the more distinctive demonstrations, to protest of its use of two cartoon pigs, McMug and McDull, in its advertising in Hong Kong.

McDonald's under attack in India

McDonald's has come under angry pressure in India following the revelation that stores in the States had used beef tallow in the cooking of french fries - which would then be sold to unsuspecting vegetarians. Given the sacred role ascribed to the cow in India, the news has created widespread alarm.

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