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Photo of air pollution sunset

US: Businesses call for political action on climate change

Hundreds of businesses, including Microsoft, Diageo, General Motors, Unilever and Levi Strauss, are calling on federal policymakers to properly address climate change.

Photo of air pollution sunset

UK: Companies call for targets on low carbon power

A number of major businesses have called on the government to adopt a 2030 target for reduced carbon from the power sector. The current Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has been hostile to such targets to date, attacking green policies as a burden on business.

Bill Gates

US: Bill Gates urges SEC to ignore corporate lobbying on corruption

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has written to the US Securities and Exchange Commission urging it to disregard attempts by energy companies to water down anti-corruption legislation.

Russia: Microsoft tries to sidestep crackdowns on political groups

Microsoft has announced that it is instructing its Russian business not to take part in software piracy actions. The move follows criticism that the security services in Russia had been using alleged software piracy as an excuse to harrass and suppress opposition groups.

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US: Obama lobbied over internet censorship

One week after the Chinese government blocked access to Google's website on the grounds that it contained too many links to sites that were considered unsavoury, campaign groups are urging President Obama to pass legislation that would punish companies that they feel collaborate with governments that require internet censorship.

Microsoft fined after promises on software information doubted by EU

European Union regulators have fined Microsoft a further $1.3bn for abusing its global market dominance. The action came after the EU expressed doubts about the recent announcement by Microsoft that it would share more information about its technology to help third party software developers to make their products more interoperable with the Windows operating system.

EU: Microsoft faces new antitrust probe

After years of battling with the European Commission over previous charges of monopolistic behaviour, Microsoft faces a fresh probe into whether it has abused its dominant market position.

US: States lobby for Microsoft anti-trust settlement to be extended

Ten US states have called for an extension of the government oversight of Microsoft agreed as part of its antitrust settlement. Florida, Louisiana, Maryland and New York - which had supported the terms of the original settlement - have joined six others in arguing that the action, due to expire next month, should run through to 2012.

Microsoft fined over $350m by European Commission

As expected, the European Commission has hit Microsoft with a fine for failing to comply with an antitrust order requiring it to share technical information about its Windows operating system with rivals.

EU criticises internet companies in China

The European Parliament has passed a resolution criticising the internet companies that have, in its view, cooperated with repressive regimes that seek to inhibit freedom of information.

Microsoft faces EU fine

The European Commission is thought to be ready to impose fines against Microsoft of 2m euros a day in a ruling that the company has failed to fully implement an antitrust finding in 2004.

Reporters without Borders criticise Yahoo for worst China censorship

The anti-censorship NGO Reporters without Borders has said that the Chinese portal for Yahoo! was the clear worst offender in terms of restricting access to sources not approved by the Chinese government.

Bill Gates to focus on charity

Bill Gates has announced that he is to end his day to day duties with Microsoft by 2008 to devote more time to the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Microsoft response to EU 'entirely inadequate'

The response to date by Microsoft in meeting the terms of the European Commission's anti-competition ruling are 'entirely inadequate' according to the Commission, and may result in the company being fined up to 2m euros a day.

Microsoft faces new EU antitrust action

Some of Microsoft's key competitors have filed a new complaint accusing the company of a wide range of antitrust abuses. A group made up of IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Nokia, Red Hat, RealNetworks, Opera, Corel and Linspire have said that Microsoft is continuing to abuse its dominant position in the marketplace.

Microsoft criticised for 'censorship' on Chinese portal

Microsoft has come under fire upon the revelation that its new internet portal in China, which allows users to set up internet 'blogs', blocks certain uses of terms deemed to be sensitive by Beijing, including words such as 'democracy' and 'human rights'.

EU warns Microsoft on meeting sanctions

The European Commission (EC) has said that Microsoft is not doing enough to comply with anti-trust sanctions imposed last year.

IT companies to collaborate on code of conduct working group

Cisco Systems, HP, Microsoft and Intel have announced the formation of a new working group to focus on supply chain implications of the recently announced Electronics Industry Code of Conduct.

Microsoft partners UN to boost computer literacy in developing world

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has announced that the company is to partner with the United Nations Development Programme in seeking to boost computer literacy in developing countries.

Microsoft settles competition suit for $750m

Microsoft has agreed to pay $750m to settle a lawsuit with AOL over anti-competitive behaviour relating to its website brower and AOL'S Netscape Communications.

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