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US: Standard & Poor's launch Carbon Efficient Index

Standard & Poor's has launched the S&P US Carbon Efficient Index, which excludes the 100 most carbon-heavy companies from the standard S&P 500. It said that the new Index had an average annual carbon footprint around 48 percent lower than the standard Index.

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Airlines coalition calls for air emissions to be included in climate change treaty

Four leading airlines, plus the UK airport operator, have formed an industry coalition to campaign for aviation emissions to be included in an international deal on climate change.


UK: Carbon positive cement developed

A British company has produced a new type of cement which, rather than being the huge carbon emitter that is traditional cement, actually absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than it produces - making it a potentially powerful breakthrough in the fight against climate change.

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UK: Lush cosmetics firm funds direct action airport group

Cosmetics retailer Lush has emerged as a funder for climate change protesters that occupied one of London's airports and closed it for half a day before being removed by police.

Photo of air pollution sunset

Australia: Coal industry launches public engagement on climate change

Australia's coal industry has made a bid to win greater public support and understanding in the face of growing perceptions that it is one of the chief sectors to blame for climate change. The Australian Coal Association is running newspaper ads, and has set up a website aimed at spreading information and encouraging debate.

Photo of vapour trails in the sky

EU: Air industry pollution limits provoke furious response

Airlines have criticised a move by the European Union to limit carbon emissions to 97 percent of 2005 levels, arguing that the measure will make the current fight for survival even tougher.

Photo of air pollution sunset

Italy: Eni and Enel to create first carbon capture project

Power firm Enel and oil company Eni have struck an agreement with the Italian government to create the country's first carbon sequestration project, aimed at reducing carbon emissions from coal-fired power generation.

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Germany: Industry climate opt-out threatens EU policy

Campaigners have attacked the decision of the German government to support a far-reaching exemption for industry from new rules on carbon emissions permits on the grounds of competitiveness.

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US: Companies behind on meeting challenge of climate change

US companies understand that climate change represents a significant risk to their business, but are behind global companies when it comes to taking action, according to a new survey by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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Australia: Power firms not preparing for low carbon future - WWF

Environmental campaign group WWF has said that too many power firms in Australia are failing to plan for a lower carbon future.

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US: Airlines reduced emissions last year

The Air Transport Association said that US airlines carried over 20 percent more passengers and cargo but managed to reduce fuel use and emissions during 2007.

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EU: MEPs vote to give carmakers breathing space

A report passed by Members of the European Parliament has said that motor manufacturers should get an additional three years to meet new standards on carbon dioxide emissions.

Australia: Business lobby group warns over carbon trading

Australia's key business lobby group, the Business Council of Australia, has said that plans for carbon trading would hit key company earnings and called on the government to provide more compensation.

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US: Climate change resolutions making impact on companies

Companies are responding to shareholder resolutions on climate change with increasing degrees of action, according to socially concerned investors coalitions Ceres.

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Japan: Details of carbon labeling confirmed

Japan is to introduce a range of carbon labels to be carried by a selected range of consumer products. The label will aim to make visible the amount of carbon emitted through the product's production and distribution.

South Korea: Plans for product carbon labeling unveiled

The South Korean government has announced that carbon labels will be introduced for certain an initial selection of ten products beginning January 2009.

India: Companies behind in action on climate change

India's top companies are well behind some of their peers in taking action on reducing climate change emissions according to a recent report by KPMG.

Honda begins production of next-generation fuel cell car

Honda says that it has taken a step towards moving zero-emission cars into the mainstream with its announcement that it will deliver about 200 fuel cell vehicles on lease in the US and Japan in the first three years of production, and it will set up the first network of sales dealers in the US for the vehicles.

Business leaders lobby for carbon cuts

Business leaders from 99 companies, including British Airways, Deutsche Bank, EDF, Petrobas and Shell are lobbying heads of governments to set targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and to help establish a global market for carbon.

ExxonMobil: Shareholders rebuff Rockefellers

ExxonMobil shareholders have voted down a high profile proposal to split the role of chairman and CEO and to set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The motions had drawn support from the majority of the descendents of the company's founder John D. Rockefeller.

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