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Oil palm

Indonesia: Major palm oil producer promises to protect rainforest

Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (GAR) has said that it will end deforestation in sensitive areas of Indonesia's forest, and will protect forests and peatlands that have a high level of biodiversity. The move is a major turn-around for the biggest company dealing in palm oil in the country, and second largest in the world.

Photo of child in cocoa plantation

US: Hershey accused of child labour in cocoa sourcing

A report from a coalition of NGOs has said that Hershey trails some of its competitors on human rights, with forced and child labour present in some of the cocoa plantations it sources from.

UK: Gap, Next and Marks & Spencer respond to Indian worker abuses

Major retailers Gap, Next and Marks & Spencer have responded to evidence of working rights abuses at factories in India. Workers have been forced to carry out excessive overtime with pay that is below the legal minimum wage, according to the Observer newspaper.

Stubbed out cigarettes

Kazakhstan: Philip Morris suppliers used child and forced labour

A new report by Human Rights Watch has said that tobacco bought by Philip Morris International from Kazakhstan included farms that used workers that had been coerced into labour, along with child labour.

Oil palm

Nestle announces NGO partnership to verify palm oil

Nestle has said that it will work with the Forest Trust to review its palm oil supply chain to ensure it is not associated with illegal rainforest and peatland clearance. The move follows a vigorous campaign against the company by NGO Greenpeace.

Zakumi - 2010 football World Cup mascot

China: Row over World Cup sweatshop accusations

Shanghai Fashion Plastic Products has protested after it had its contract withdrawn for work being carried out in relation to the 2010 football World Cup, to be held in South Africa. The company has denied accusations that it exploited workers making the mascot for the games.

Garib & Garib website

Bangladesh: 21 people killed in factory fire

21 workers died and 50 were hurt when a factory owned by Garib & Garib caught fire. The site at Gazipur saw workers trapped by the blaze, which took eleven fire engines several hours to bring under control.

Oil palm

UK: Sustainable palm oil ads banned for the second time

A magazine advert that promoted the sustainability of Malaysian palm oil has been banned by the UK's advertising watchdog for untruthful claims.

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

US: Kimberly-Clark makes major commitment for sustainable sourcing

Kimberly-Clark, the major tissue products company and long-time target for environmental campaign group Greenpeace, has announced that it is to eliminate non-certified wood fibre from its supply chain by 2010.

Military in the Congo
Global Witness

Congo: Minerals firms 'fuelling conflict'

A number of European and Asian companies, including Britain's Amalgamated Metals Corporation (AMC) and Afrimex, have been buying minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo without checking they are not buying from armed groups and funding the conflict, according to campaign group Global Witness.

Alliance Boots

UK: Alliance Boots leaves Ethical Trading Initiative

Pharmacy and consumer goods retailer Alliance Boots has left the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), prompting criticism from campaign groups and unions which are reminiscent of former exits from the voluntary scheme.

Photo of President Lula da Silva

Brazil: Products of Amazon destruction still widely consumed: Greenpeace

A new report has said that beef, leather and other cattle products are being widely distributed from illegal deforestation of the Amazon. According to Greenpeace, the products are finding their way into the supply chains of a number of top brands, such as Adidas, Timberland, Honda, Gucci and Nike.

Tesco store

South Africa: Fruit pickers still short changed by Tesco - campaign group

Tesco has been accused of breaking a promise to improve the pay and conditions of South African fruit pickers by radical UK NGO War on Want. The Guardian newspaper carried out interviews with workers on farms which supply the retailer who said that they were paid South Africa's minimum wage, rather than what the campaigners describe as a 'living wage' - one that would enable them to meet basic needs.

Oxfam Hong Kong launch

Hong Kong: Most garment firms show poor transparency on supplier standards

Although Hong Kong's companies have made some progress, the majority are still failing to give account of labour standards in their supply chain, according to a new report released by Oxfam Hong Kong.


UK: Cadbury to certify Britain's most popular chocolate bar as Fairtrade

In spite of the recession, the Fairtrade movement made another step towards the mainstream with an announcement by Cadbury that it is to certify its biggest selling brand, Dairy Milk, as Fairtrade in Britain and Ireland.


UK: Primark hit with new accusations on supply chain

Low cost retailer Primark has said it is investigating claims that one of its UK suppliers, TNS Knitwear, has been employing illegal immigrants from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and paying workers well below the legal minimum wage for 12 hour days, seven days a week.

photo of cash

UK: Companies squeezing suppliers for cash

Two suppliers out of three have experienced arbitrary extensions to their payment terms by company customers during the last three months, according to a survey by the Institute of Credit Management.

Photo outside a WalMex store

China: Wal-Mart introduces new supplier standards

Wal-Mart has told a meeting of its Chinese suppliers that social and environmental standards will need to be raised to help the company meet its goals and to move forward in the wake of the milk poisoning scandal that has left many Chinese children still in hospital.

Photo of ZTE booth

Norway: Telenor bans ZTE from supply list for code of conduct breach

Telecoms company Telenor has removed Chinese supplier ZTE from its invitations to tender for six months following an undisclosed breach of its code of conduct for suppliers.

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

Ghana: Deal struck with EU to fight illegal timber

Ghana and the EU have signed a deal to aim to stop illegally logged timber from Ghana being shipped to market in the EU. According to the World Bank, 60 percent of logging across Ghana is currently not legal, leading to rapid deforestation.

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