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UK: BBC and BT named as having most responsible pension schemes

A new league table looking at socially responsible practices amongst workplace pension schemes has named the BBC and BT for having the most active approach to looking at the social and environmental impact of their investments. On the flip side, Rolls Royce and GlaxoSmithKline were shamed as laggards in this area.

photo of cash

Switzerland: National Bank to screen shares on ethical grounds

The Swiss National Bank has said that it will sell shares in companies that fall short on ethics, including those that are responsible for human rights abuses or significant damage to the environment.

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

Indonesia: Pulp and paper company APRIL threatened over deforestation

The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has said that APRIL, a major pulp and paper company in Indonesia, will be expelled from its membership unless it can show that it has ended deforestation.

Cambodia garment factory

Cambodia: Labour rights groups point to violence against garment workers

Global clothing brands have been called upon to use their influence to achieve an end to what campaign groups describe as repression against workers involved in wage protests.

Photo of chemical vials

UK: Drug companies' lack of full disclosure on clinical trials condemned

According to the Parliamentary public accounts committee, only around half of clinical trials are being published, making it impossible to make the right decisions with regard to patient care. Manufacturers published the results that were most favourable, it was claimed.

Sustainability reports

EU: MEPs back reporting requirements for large companies

MEPs on the Legal Affairs Committee at the European Parliament have voted in favour of a draft measure that would oblige companies to disclose information on their environmental and social impacts. The vote also called upon the European Commission to consider requiring country-by-country reports on profits, taxes and subsidies.

Angora rabbit in Chinese farm

UK: Top retailers suspend angora sales after cruelty video

Companies such as Topshop, H&M, Next, Calvin Klein, Boden and Primark have ended orders for angora products following the release of a video showing cruelty endured by rabbits in Chinese farms. The video has provoked outcry with its scenes of rabbits having the fur torn from their bodies whilst still alive.

Coca cola bottles

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and ABF criticised for 'land grab'

Campaigning NGO Oxfam has highlighted Coca-Cola and PepsiCo as being amongst the companies it claims are benefiting from land taken from indigenous communities across the world.

Photo of air pollution sunset

US: Businesses call for political action on climate change

Hundreds of businesses, including Microsoft, Diageo, General Motors, Unilever and Levi Strauss, are calling on federal policymakers to properly address climate change.

Photo of smoke from a steel mill

CEOs struggling to make the business case for Sustainability

According to the United Nations Global Compact, chief executives are finding it progressively harder to make the case for substantial action on sustainability. They are increasingly looking toward governments for active policy leadership.

Oil in Sudan

Chad: China's CNPC suspended for environmental harm

The Chinese state-run oil frim China National Petroleum Corporation has been suspended from operating in Chad following an oil spill in sites near to forest. The government has not said how long the suspension will remain in effect.

Samsung Brazil

Brazil: Samsung faces $110m claim for labour violations

Samsung is being sued by the Brazilian government over allegations of poor working conditions at its plant in the Amazon rainforest. The 5,600 workers are said to be made to work up to 15 hours a day, sometimes for extended periods with no days off.

Whales on deck

Japan: Yahoo affiliate under fire for whale meat ads

Yahoo! has found itself embarrassed by its Japanese affiliate which is promoting tinned and fresh whale products, despite the company's ban on such sales anywhere else in the world. The company has said it has no power to impose its policies onto Softbank, which runs the site in Japan.

Photo of oil pipeline

Norway: 'Ethical' Oil Fund under attack

The Government Pension Fund of Norway, otherwise known as the Oil Fund, has been criticised for having fallen behind the times when it comes to one of its advertised strengths - that of ethical investing.

Scam website

Scam CSR conference uncovered

A website, claiming to be for an Energy Experts Annual Environmental Conference, has been shown to be a sophisticated scam targeting potential delegates from developing countries. The site falsely claims to have Business Respect endorsement as a supporting partner.

Photo of oil platform in Nigeria

US: Shell Nigeria case blow for Alien Tort campaigners

The US Supreme Court has thrown out a case against Shell alleging human rights abuses in Nigeria. The nine justices were unanimous in their view that the use of the Alien Tort Statute was not intended to be applied outside the US.

Oil exploration in the rainforest

Peru: Pluspetrol in spotlight over Amazon rainforest pollution

Argentinian firm Pluspetrol is in the firing line after Peru declared an environmental state of emergency in the Amazon rainforest. High levels of barium, lead, chrome and other petroleum-related chemicals have been found. Pluspetrol has operated the oil fields nearby since 2001.

BP Hellas

US: BP kicks back over 'fictitious' compensation pay-outs

BP is taking legal action to prevent administrators for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill compensation fund from paying out to people and companies that it said had suffered no damage.

photo of cash

US: Las Vegas Sands owns up to bribery of foreign officials

Casino operator Las Vegas Sands has told the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has "probably" violated the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

Indonesia: Asia Pulp & Paper to stop cutting natural forest timber

Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the most controversial companies worldwide for its forestry practices, has said that it is to stop using timber from Indonesia's natural forests, instead using only trees from plantations.

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