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Brazil: Companies launch carbon reporting programme

Eleven major Brazilian companies, along with six Brazilian subsidiaries of mulitnational firms, have signed up to a new programme to report greenhouse gas emissions.

Norway: StatoilHydro pushes Norway to highest ever carbon emissions

StatoilHydro has been blamed for being responsible for a 3 percent increase in Norway's total carbon emissions last year, due to gas flaring at one of its plants in northern Norway.

New Zealand: Major companies criticise climate change bill

Fonterra, Solid Energy and Todd Energy joined together to criticise the government's Climate Change (Emissions Trade and Renewable Preference) Bill on the grounds that it would disadvantage New Zealand business without achieving its environmental goals.

Organic labelling under attack over addition of food miles factor

Ethical shopping company the Co-operative Group has attacked the move by the Soil Association to include a prohibition of air freighted goods within its organic labelling system.

US: Investment banks accused of schizophrenia on climate change

According to a report released by environmental group Ceres, key investor champions of climate-change related activity have simultaneously been voting against resolutions demanding companies disclose more information on their climate strategies.

Australia: Call for lower taxes to cope with climate change

Australia's business group has called for reductions in company tax rates to enable firms to meet the cost of tackling climate change.

UN: Private sector needed in developing countries' climate change fight

The head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has said that the private sector must be part of the solution to combatting climate change in developing countries.

Wal-Mart aims for emission reductions from Chinese suppliers

Wal-Mart is to meet with thousands of suppliers based in China in the autumn as part of its programme to reduce emissions produced across its supply chain. The company has already worked with some of its key western suppliers to reduce energy use and waste.

Shell calls for government intervention over climate change

Royal Dutch Shell has said there needs to be massive intervention by governments across the world to achieve sufficient reductions in greenhouse gases.

Ford to put 1bn into fuel efficiency in the UK

Ford Motor has said that it will spend 1bn on research and development in the UK to improve the fuel efficiency of its cars. The move is an indicator of the seriousness with which the company is now facing challenges over its progress to date.

Insurance companies will become extinct unless they address climate change

Global insurance market Lloyd's of London has said that insurance firms face becoming extinct unless they begin to do a lot more to focus on the problems of climate change.

Dow awarded for leadership in energy management

Dow has been recognised for outstanding leadership in energy management by the annual Industrial Energy Technology Conference, citing the companies success in pursuing aggressive energy efficiency goals.

Switzerland: Credit Suisse to go carbon neutral

Credit Suisse has announced that it aims to make its domestic banking operations carbon neutral during this year.

Ford invites customers to offset carbon emissions

Ford Motor Company has announced a 'Greener Miles' programme that invites Ford owners to purhase carbon offsets to cover their vehicle usage.

BP recognised for carbon leadership

The Environmental Markets Association (EMA) has announced that BP is to be awarded its first Leadership in Environmental Markets Award, to celebrate the company's early action on carbon and climate change.

Business collaboration on carbon capture and storage

A new business association has been launched to promote carbon capture and storage technology, and has started by calling for greater government leadership on the issue.

BP, DuPont top climate change ranking

A greater number of global companies are addressing greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report produced by Ceres on the climate change performance of the top 100 companies. BP and DuPont lead the pack with companies such as ExxonMobil and Newmont named as laggards.

Canada: Nine out of Ten Canadians want climate disclosure

A recent survey of public opinion has found that an overwhelming majority of Canadians (89%) want companies to be forced to talk about what they are doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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