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Uzbekistan: Major retailers call for end of child labour in cotton

A coalition representing the US major retail and clothing companies has called on Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov to tackle the endemic presence of child labour in the country's production of cotton, saying that the current situation is 'totally unacceptable'.

Wal-Mart joins programme to eliminate illegal logging

Wal-Mart has said it is to work with the Global Forest and Trade Network in a programme to avoid products created through illegal and unsustainable logging for all of its own brand furniture.

Tesco to stop sourcing from Zimbabwe

British retailer Tesco has said that it will stop sourcing products from Zimbabwe so long as the current political crisis persists there. The company currently buys around 1m UKP of goods from the country.

Unilever commits to traceable palm oil by 2015

Unilever, one of the biggest consumers of palm oil, has announced that it would back a moratorium on further palm oil related deforestation in Indonesia, and it commits to using only fully traceable palm oil by 2015.

Hewlett-Packard releases list of suppliers

Hewlett-Packard has released a list of its top suppliers, representing 95 percent of the company's supplier spend, in a ramping up of transparency in the IT sector.

UK: Asda-Walmart opposes extension of new code of conduct to overseas suppliers

Asda has said that it wants overseas suppliers excluded from a code of conduct being considered by the Competition Commission designed to ensure that suppliers enjoy fair trading terms.

Malaysia: Tesco to investigate claims over migrant worker claims

UK retailer Tesco has launched an inquiry into claims that some migrant workers in its Malaysian stores endure poverty level conditions, with 80 hour weeks and low wages.

UK: Retailer Sainsbury's sees buyer arrested over bribes

A potato buyer for UK major supermarket Sainsbury's has been arrested over alleged illegal payments received from one of the company's suppliers, Greenvale amounting to around 3m.

Wal-Mart aims for emission reductions from Chinese suppliers

Wal-Mart is to meet with thousands of suppliers based in China in the autumn as part of its programme to reduce emissions produced across its supply chain. The company has already worked with some of its key western suppliers to reduce energy use and waste.

UK: Major sugar firm becomes largest to go Fairtrade

The largest sugar cane refiner in Europe, Tate and Lyle, has announced that it is to switch to Fairtrade certified sugar supplies in Britain to benefit farmers in poor countries.

Office supply company drops Asia Pulp & Paper over environmental concerns

Office supply company Staples has announced that it is ending its relationship with Asia Pulp & Paper over concerns about its environmental performance.

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