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Chemical waste

Ivory Coast: Lawyers walk out of pollution trial

The trial around the dumping of 500 tons of chemical waste by a company acting on behalf of Dutch firm Trafigura has been halted when defence lawyers walked out in protest at the company's absence from court.

Photo of oil pipeline

Kazakhstan: Ministry threatens to block companies over environmental performance

Kazakhstan's Environmental Protection Ministry has said that it will take drastic action if oil and mining companies continue to fall short on meeting environmental regulations.

Water droplets

Starbucks accused of water waste

Starbucks coffee company has been accused by environmental groups of massive water wastage through the practice of leaving taps running in its 10,000 world-wide stores all day.

Photo of Carrefour shop in China

China: Consumers see environment a high priority

According to recent research by a number of WPP agencies, Chinese consumers now see the environment as a higher priority than do their US and UK counterparts.

Photo of demonstration over Rio Tinto's environmental record

Norway: Government pension fund drops Rio Tinto over ethical issues

The Norwegian government has criticised Rio Tinto for what it described as 'grossly unethical conduct' and environmental damage, and has moved to exclude the company from its pension fund.

Scene from Exxon ad

UK: Advertising watchdog bans ExxonMobil ad over green claims

ExxonMobil has disputed a ban on its TV ad in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ban was provoked by the statement in the ad that liquefied natural gas is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels - a claim disputed by environmentalists.

Photo of Pebble Mine protest

US: Proposed Alaskan mine survives people's vote

A ballot question that would have prohibited a proposed gold mine from proceeding due to fears it will disrupt the key fishing industry, has been defeated.

Ghana: Call for companies to help clear up electronic waste

A spotlight has fallen on technology companies over the problem of the growing amounts of electronic waste in Ghana, with the government being urged to strengthen environmental legislation and the international community called upon to prohibit the export of e-waste to Africa.

Canada: Greenpeace breaks into site to protest tar sands

A group of campaigners from environmental NGO Greenpeace broke into a site owned by Syncrude Canada Ltd, a consortium of different oil companies, in Alberta to protest against the company's involvement in new oil sands developments.

Investors called on to avoid tar fields

Investors have been urged to avoid controversial projects to extract oil from tar fields after evidence that the process creates up to eight times more carbon emissions than standard oil production, as well as bringing higher environmental costs in other areas such as water use.

France: Caisse d'Epargne launches sustainability labelling

French bank Caisse d'Epargne has launched a labelling system to rate the sustainability of financial products, with a plan to extend the scheme to insurance and loan products by the end of the year.

Japan: Index to be introduced to rate companies on environment

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has said that it intends to introduce an Environmental Stock Index to evaluate business engagement with environmental issues within a year.

Punitive damages on Exxon Valdez slashed

The US Supreme Court has reduced a $5bn punitive damages award against Exxon Mobil relating to the sinking of the Exxon Valdez nearly twenty years ago to a figure close to $500m.

Hong Kong: Sustainable fashion initiative launched by top textile firms

A new 'Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium' has been launched by a number of firms based in Hong Kong with the aim of promoting environmental certification, labeling and carbon emissions businesses.

Brazilian bank Banco Real named as sustainable bank of the year

Brazilian bank Banco Real was named as the overall most Sustainable Bank of the Year at the third annual Financial Times Sustainable Banking Awards in London, as well as being named as the top Sustainable Emerging Markets Bank.

Australia: ANZ backs away from controversial pulp mill

ANZ bank has said that it will not provide project financing for a controversial pulp mill project in Tasmania. The company had been due to provide AUD 2bn towards the Bell Bay Pulp Mill.

Japan: Government considers carbon labelling

The Japan government is considering mandating the introduction of carbon labelling for food and other products early in the next fiscal year.

Unilever commits to traceable palm oil by 2015

Unilever, one of the biggest consumers of palm oil, has announced that it would back a moratorium on further palm oil related deforestation in Indonesia, and it commits to using only fully traceable palm oil by 2015.

UK: Shell pulls from huge wind farm project

Shell has provoked criticism from environmental groups when it announced that it would pull out of a project to build the world's largest wind farm, the London Array scheme. The company said that it wanted to focus on wind power in the US where government incentives offered more competitive returns.

UK: Campaigners attack Unilever over palm oil

Campaigners dressed as orangutans scaled the walls of Unilever's London headquarters, as well as protesting outside a factory elsewhere in the UK, in protest at the company's sourcing of palm oil.

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