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McDonald's Restaurant

US: McDonald's to use only cage-free eggs within next decade

McDonald's has said that it will source the 2 billion eggs it uses annually in the US and Canada from cage-free hens over the next decade. Less than one percent of its eggs are currently cage-free.

Maggi Noodles

India: Nestle target of damages claim for food contamination

The Indian government has filed for damages against Nestlé after fears of lead in the Maggi Noodles brand led to a ban on the product by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. According to Reuters, the action is the first time the Indian government has sought damages from a multinational.

Diet Pepsi

US: Pepsi drops aspartame from Diet Pepsi

PepsiCo has announced that it is to end the use of artificial sweetener aspartame in its diet drinks in the second half of this year. The move only affects US markets for now, and the company says it is responding to consumer preferences there.

Photo outside a WalMex store

China: Wal-Mart apologises for mislabelled pork

Wal-Mart sold pork that was falsely advertised as organic, according to the local government in Chongqing. Thirteen of the company's stores have been temporarily closed and some of its employees have been arrested.

Energy pylons

UK: Energy companies dodgy sales tactics pressure customers

A parliamentary select committee has said that energy companies are using sales trickery to push people into switching energy suppliers on the doorstep. It called for the firms to compensate people who were mis-sold gas and electricity contracts.

Stubbed out cigarettes

UK: BAT criticised for funding campaign against cigarette display ban

British American Tobacco has come under fire for providing funding for a high-profile campaign by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents against a government ban of cigarette displays at the point of sale.

UK: Ethical consumers buck the recession

Spending on products that carry a green or ethical label has grown by almost a fifth over the last two years, in spite of the recession, according to the latest report by Co-operative Financial Services.

Google privacy

Australia: Google refuses government request to censor videos

Google has refused to block access to videos that fall foul of the Australian government's 'refused classification' category, arguing that to do so would mean the removal of a number of harmless pieces that are considered to be politically controversial.

Nippon Ham products

Japan: False labeling in the spotlight again for Nippon Meat Packers

Nippon Meat Packers and Nippon Flour Mills have been ordered to correct misleading labeling of fish and frozen food products.


US: Mattel fined $2.3m for lead on toys

Toy manufacturer Mattel has agreed to pay $2.3m in settlement of its problems with lead levels on toys it had imported from China. The company denied that the breach had been deliberate.

Photo of Google headquarters

Google targeted for selling ad listings triggered by searches for competitors

A class-action lawsuit has been brought against Google for its practice of sellings ads to companies triggered by searches against the name of their competitors - a practice which some claim is an abuse of trademarks.

Effects of cheap alcohol

New Zealand: Supermarkets end cheap booze offers

Two of New Zealand's leading supermarkets, Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises, have ended the practice of selling heavily discounted alcohol following accusations that the practice helps to fuel problem drinking.

Google privacy

US: Google web services should be shut down - complaint to FTC

Google web services should be shut down because there are not sufficient mechanisms in place to protect confidential information, according to a formal complaint made to the US Federal Trade Commission by a privacy group.

Armenia exchange

Armenia: Price-fixing probe launched following devaluation

The State Commission on Protection of Economic Competition has said that it believes that prices of some goods, including food, have risen to a disproportionate degree following the devaluation of the dram, and it is launching a probe on retail price-fixing.

Obama Snacks

Indonesia: Calls to ban 'Obama Snacks'

Consumer groups have called for a new snack food using a caricature of President Obama to be banned. It carries a cartoon of Obama making a peace sign and spinning a basketball.


UK: Cadbury to certify Britain's most popular chocolate bar as Fairtrade

In spite of the recession, the Fairtrade movement made another step towards the mainstream with an announcement by Cadbury that it is to certify its biggest selling brand, Dairy Milk, as Fairtrade in Britain and Ireland.

Southwest Airlines

US: Southwest Airlines pays $7.5m fine for safety lapses

Southwest Airlines is to pay a $7.5m fine over planes that flew without having undertaken essential safety checks. The amount was agreed after the company negotiated down the original $10.2m fine which would have been the largest ever in the history of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Photo of milk bottles

China: Baby milk sufferers to be allowed to sue

Victims of the major baby milk scandal in China have been told by the Supreme People's Court that they will be able to bring lawsuits against those responsible, a switch from the previous position that this would not be allowed.


US: Peanut manager complained about health risks but was ignored

A former manager at the Peanut Corp of America said that he had complained numerous times to the company's boss and the Texas Department of Health about unhealthy conditions at the plant, but had been ignored. The company, the source of a recent salmonella outbreak, has just gone bankrupt.

Photo of milk bottles

New Zealand: Fonterra defends role in China milk scandal

Fonterra has defended itself from blame in the tainted milk scandal in China which killed six babies and led to 300,000 becoming ill. Last week, the chairman of Sanlu - the company in which Fonterra holds a 43 percent stake - was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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