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Stubbed out cigarettes

Canada: Tobacco giants hit by $15bn ruling for smokers 'who didn't know health risks'

British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco International have been hit by a ruling on two class action lawsuits on behalf of a million Canadian smokers who claimed they weren't aware of the health risks. The companies were ordered to pay CAD$15.6 billion. All three companies have said that they will appeal the damages award.

Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks

Lithuania: Energy drinks banned for sale to minors

The government in Lithuania has announced a ban on the sale of caffeine energy drinks to people under the age of 18. The move marks a first within the EU, and Lithuania predicted that others would now follow suit.

Stubbed out cigarettes

US: CVS ends sale of tobacco products

Drug store giant CVS has announced that it will no longer sell tobacco at its pharmacies by October this year. Cigarettes currently represent 3% of the company's overall sales, but the company said it had concluded that selling tobacco was incompatible with the company's purpose of promoting wellness.

photo of cash

Switzerland: National Bank to screen shares on ethical grounds

The Swiss National Bank has said that it will sell shares in companies that fall short on ethics, including those that are responsible for human rights abuses or significant damage to the environment.

McDonald's Restaurant

Chile: Fast food companies sued over marketing to children

McDonald's, Burger King and other fast foot restaurants are being sued for being in breach of a new law against the inclusion of toys with children's meals. The action is being taken just three months after the law came into force by its principal author and advocate Sen. Guido Gerardi.

Effects of cheap alcohol

UK: Alcohol advertising under pressure from MPs

The Parliamentary health select committee has said that drinks companies run the risk of "paying only lip service" to the public health needs of reducing the impact of alcohol abuse. It flagged the possibility that new curbs on advertising could be in the pipeline, along with a ban on alcohol-related sports sponsorship.

Stubbed out cigarettes

Canada: Tobacco class suit seeks billions for smokers

A class action lawsuit that argues that three of the major tobacco firms manipulated nicotine levels and hid evidence on the health effects of smoking is coming to trial after 15 years. The suit, which seeks up to C$27bn in damages, is the first of its kind in Canada.

EDF nuclear power station

France: EDF fined for illegal spying on anti-nuclear campaign

A French court has found EDF and Kargus, the security firm it employed to carry out the work, guilty of spying on Greenpeace anti-nuclear campaigners. Activities included hacking computers owned by the group.


US: Surveillance firms attacked for 'we sell to anyone' attitude

A senior advisor to Hillary Clinton has criticised companies which sell equipment that can be used for censorship by repressive regimes. Alec Ross was responding to comments by Jerry Lucas, President of Intelligence Support Systems (ISS) that for-profit companies like his could sell what they wanted to whoever was willing to pay.

Stubbed out cigarettes

WHO chief says tobacco firms using dirty tricks to keep people smoking

The World Health Organisation director-general Margaret Chan has said that tobacco firms are using deep pockets to fund lawsuits aimed at fending off anti-smoking legislation.

Photo of chemical vials

India: Monsanto sued for biopiracy

The government of India is suing Monsanto for contravening the country's Biological Diversity Act, according to France24. The company is accused of having taking an indigenous aubergine species and used it to create a genetically modified version without permission.

Stubbed out cigarettes

UK: BAT criticised for funding campaign against cigarette display ban

British American Tobacco has come under fire for providing funding for a high-profile campaign by the National Federation of Retail Newsagents against a government ban of cigarette displays at the point of sale.

Germany: Government bans Heckler and Koch gun exports to Mexico

The German government has told weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch that it should not carry out arms shipments to Mexico due to concerns that the guns are being used in human rights abuses.

Stubbed out cigarettes

UK: ‘Unlawful’ tobacco pricing leads to £225m fine by OFT

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has fined two tobacco companies and nine retailers a total of £225m for "unlawful" tobacco pricing practices.

Stubbed out cigarettes

Japan: Court finds tobacco company not liable for illnesses

Japan Tobacco has been cleared of liability for the illnesses of three former smokers by the Yokohama District Court. The suit said that health problems, including lung cancer, had been caused by smoking and the company had continued to sell cigarettes despite its knowledge of the harmful effects.

Stubbed out cigarettes

Saudi Arabia: Tobacco companies face compensation suit from smoker

A lawsuit has been brought against two unnamed tobacco companies seeking $10m in damages for damage to health the plaintiff said he suffered from smoking. The case, reminiscent of a number brought in the US in recent years, is the first of its kind to arise in Saudi Arabla.

Effects of cheap alcohol

New Zealand: Supermarkets end cheap booze offers

Two of New Zealand's leading supermarkets, Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises, have ended the practice of selling heavily discounted alcohol following accusations that the practice helps to fuel problem drinking.

Stubbed out cigarettes

US: Widow paid over $60m as Philip Morris appeal thrown out

The US Supreme Court has said that a woman widowed twelve years ago when her partner died of lung cancer can collect the large financial award she was previously granted, tersely dismissing the appeal by tobacco giant Philip Morris USA.

Photo of oil pipeline

UK: Shell angers campaigners with renewables shift to biofuels

Royal Dutch Shell has said that it is to reduce future investment in solar and wind power to focus its renewable energy activity more on biofuels. The company has said that it is pursuing its priority of giving best returns to shareholders, and returns on other alternatives, even with considerable public subsidy, are not sufficient.

Stubbed out cigarettes

US: Philip Morris ordered to pay $8m to widow of lung cancer victim

In the latest lawsuit against a tobacco company, Philip Morris has been ordered to pay damages to the widow and son of a victim of lung cancer who, prior to his death, smoked three packs of cigarettes per day.

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