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Chipotle GM

US: Chipotle sued for GM-free menu claims

Chipotle, which caused something of a stir when it previously announced it was aiming to purge its menu of genetically modified ingredients, is being sued by a Californian woman for false advertising.

Stubbed out cigarettes

Canada: Tobacco giants hit by $15bn ruling for smokers 'who didn't know health risks'

British American Tobacco, Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco International have been hit by a ruling on two class action lawsuits on behalf of a million Canadian smokers who claimed they weren't aware of the health risks. The companies were ordered to pay CAD$15.6 billion. All three companies have said that they will appeal the damages award.

Diet Pepsi

US: Pepsi drops aspartame from Diet Pepsi

PepsiCo has announced that it is to end the use of artificial sweetener aspartame in its diet drinks in the second half of this year. The move only affects US markets for now, and the company says it is responding to consumer preferences there.

Chipotle GM

US: Chipotle turns away from GM ingredients

Chipotle Mexican Grill has become the first major US restaurant chain to say that it will only serve food that is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The first was previously the first of its peers to label all such foods in its product range - a move which was followed by a small number of others.

Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks

Lithuania: Energy drinks banned for sale to minors

The government in Lithuania has announced a ban on the sale of caffeine energy drinks to people under the age of 18. The move marks a first within the EU, and Lithuania predicted that others would now follow suit.

Love your clothes

UK: Clothing companies pledge to reduce lifetime impact of clothes

Major retailers and fashion firms, such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Tesco, Next and Stella McCartney, have signed up to a commitment to make significant reductions in the environmental impacts of clothing.

Whales on deck

Japan: Yahoo affiliate under fire for whale meat ads

Yahoo! has found itself embarrassed by its Japanese affiliate which is promoting tinned and fresh whale products, despite the company's ban on such sales anywhere else in the world. The company has said it has no power to impose its policies onto Softbank, which runs the site in Japan.

Business ethics

Glencore attacked by UN and others for seeing business opportunity in a crisis

Commodities trading company Glencore has been the target of widespread criticism after it was accused of celebrating its ability to use the current global food crisis as a good business opportunity. Chris Mahoney, the company’s director of agriculture trading had said: “The environment is a good one. High prices, lots of volatility, a lot of dislocation, tightness ... We will be able to provide the world with solutions ... and that should also be good for Glencore.”

McDonald's Restaurant

Chile: Fast food companies sued over marketing to children

McDonald's, Burger King and other fast foot restaurants are being sued for being in breach of a new law against the inclusion of toys with children's meals. The action is being taken just three months after the law came into force by its principal author and advocate Sen. Guido Gerardi.

Effects of cheap alcohol

UK: Alcohol advertising under pressure from MPs

The Parliamentary health select committee has said that drinks companies run the risk of "paying only lip service" to the public health needs of reducing the impact of alcohol abuse. It flagged the possibility that new curbs on advertising could be in the pipeline, along with a ban on alcohol-related sports sponsorship.

Photo outside a WalMex store

China: Wal-Mart apologises for mislabelled pork

Wal-Mart sold pork that was falsely advertised as organic, according to the local government in Chongqing. Thirteen of the company's stores have been temporarily closed and some of its employees have been arrested.

Energy pylons

UK: Energy companies dodgy sales tactics pressure customers

A parliamentary select committee has said that energy companies are using sales trickery to push people into switching energy suppliers on the doorstep. It called for the firms to compensate people who were mis-sold gas and electricity contracts.

Topshop model

UK: Topshop pulls super-thin model from online advertising

Retailer Topshop has withdrawn images of 18 year old model Codie Young following criticisms over the use of 'size zero' models encouraging unhealthy body stereotypes and fuelling eating disorders.

Photo of chemical vials

Drug companies cut vaccine prices in search of a more humane business model

Several major pharmaceutical companies have announced major cuts in the price for their vaccines in the developing world ahead of a conference in London.

Princes tuna

Sustainable tuna claims dropped after Greenpeace campaign

One of the UK's main brands of tinned tuna, Princes, has said it will drop claims from its packaging that fishing methods used for its product protected the environment and marine life. The move came after Greenpeace complained to the Office of Fair Trading about the claims which, the group said, were misleading to the public.

UK: Ethical consumers buck the recession

Spending on products that carry a green or ethical label has grown by almost a fifth over the last two years, in spite of the recession, according to the latest report by Co-operative Financial Services.

McDonald's Restaurant

McDonald's CEO attacks the rise of 'the food police'

In an interview with the Financial Times, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner has defended the company's 'Happy Meals' against the growing number of critics that link McDonald's with the epidemic of childhood obesity.

US: Former GlaxoSmithkline executive charged as law targets individuals

The Justice Department has charged a former vice president of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithkline with obstructing an investigation into illegal marketing of the company's drug Wellbutrin. The move is attracting attention because it signals a shift in government focus from suing the companies to one that targets individual executives.

Screen shot from 10:10 video

Sony pulls support from climate change campaign after 'tasteless video'

Sony is withdrawing from the climate change campaign 10:10 following a video aimed at building support for the initiative that graphically shows non-supporters being blown up. The company said that the video was "ill-conceived and tasteless".

Photo of supermarket counter

US: Nestle to drop 'deceptive' health claims

Nestle have said they will drop adverts that were described by the Federal Trade Commission as deceptive. The company's drink Boost Kid Essentials was sold in some ads on its ability to stop children catching colds and missing school.

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