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Empty shelves - panic buying

UK: Warning that lean business models present huge national risk

'Just-in-time' business models that lead companies to expect supplies to arrive just when needed, eliminating all reserves, have grown to the point where they represent a major national risk, according to a report by Chatham House.

Bhopal Dow protest

UK: Olympics ethical sourcing code attacked for choosing Dow

A decision to use Dow Chemical Company to provide fabric wrap for the Olympic games has sparked protests from groups that continue to hold that the company, having bought Union Carbide in 2001, is responsible for the major chemical accident in Bhopal in 1984.

Photo of chemical vials

India: Monsanto sued for biopiracy

The government of India is suing Monsanto for contravening the country's Biological Diversity Act, according to France24. The company is accused of having taking an indigenous aubergine species and used it to create a genetically modified version without permission.

Barack Obama

India: Bhopal survivors use Obama visit to press case

Campaigners and survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak disaster used the visit of President Obama to India to highlight their call for the former head of Union Carbide Warren Anderson to be extradited to face charges in an Indian court.

Chemical waste

Netherlands: Trafigura guilty of exporting toxic waste

Trafigura illegally exported toxic waste from Amsterdam, according to the findings of a Dutch court. The company transported the waste to the Ivory Coast where it injured thousands of local people in 2006.

Vedanta protests

India Cites Violations at Vedanta Mine Project

Vedanta Aluminium Ltd.'s operations in Orissa state could suffer a setback after a government team said the company, a unit of mining giant Vedanta Resources PLC, violated environmental guidelines at its planned mining site in the Niyamgiri Hills.

Michael Sata

Zambia: Chinese companies accused of creating 'slave labour' conditions

The leader of Zambia's main opposition party, Michael Sata, has said that Chinese and other Asian mining companies are showing almost no consideration for worker safety or local culture. Mr Sata - who may become the new president in elections in 2011 - attacked current government policies that give special tax status to foreign investors.

Shell garage

Netherlands: Nigeria case to be heard in Dutch court

A suit brought against oil giant Shell by four Nigerian farmers can be heard in a Dutch court, it has been ruled. Shell had opposed the move, arguing that it court had no authority in the case.

BP Hellas

BP faces damages claim over pipeline through Colombian farmland

BP is being sued by a group of Colombian farmers who say that the company's activities have damaged their land and crops. The case, which is the first of its kind being brought in a UK court, alleges that the company's Colombian subsidiary has caused landslides and pollution to water supplies and soil.

Chemical waste

Ivory Coast: Trafigura offers to settle with toxic waste victims

Trafigura, the company at the centre of a toxic waste scandal in the Ivory Coast, has offered the 30,000 people affected by the dumping a payment of 1,000 UK pounds each as compensation.

Vedanta protests

India: Vedanta Resources threatened over Bauxite mine

The Indian government has said that it will prosecute mining firm Vedanta Resources if it moves too fast with plans to open a controversial bauxite mine in a part of the country held by some to be sacred.

Photo of Exxon sign

US: Exxon faces $1bn fine for 'malicious sabotage' of oil wells

Exxon Mobil could be liable for significant penalties, said the Texas General Land Office, if allegations of intentionally damaging oil wells are proven. The company has been accused of aiming to prevent other producers from using the wells.

Goldcorp protests
M Swan / Catholic Register

Honduras: Goldcorp urged to clean up closing mine

Goldcorp has been urged by catholic aid agencies CAFOD and Development & Peace to ensure that its San Martin mine in Honduras avoids potential environmental impact at the end of its life. The mine is due to close at the end of the year.

Chemical waste

Ivory Coast: Toxic waste claims disputed

Trafigura has launched a lawsuit against a British TV news programme for alleging that the company had been involved in one of the biggest toxic waste dumping scandals in the world.

Oil palm

Malaysia: Court ruling may support tribes in opposing deforestation

Indigenous tribes on the island of Borneo may be able to stop companies from logging or creating oil palm plantations following a ruling made by the Malaysian Federal Court.

Oil exploration in the rainforest

Peru: Oil company EcoPetrol to explore in region with uncontacted tribes

Survival International has said that Ecopetrol's agreement with Brazil's Petrobras to explore in two regions of the Peruvian Amazon, will put it into territory inhabited by some of the world's only remaining uncontacted Indians - who may be especially vulnerable to exposure to the company.

Photo of oil platform in Nigeria

Ghana: Oil industry transparency praised

Ghana is keeping its past promise to ensure transparency over contracts in the oil industry, according to governance group the Revenue Watch Institute.

Vedanta protests

India: Thousands protest Vedanta bauxite mine

A ten mile human chain has been formed by thousands of protestors against a proposed bauxite mine to be operated by multinational Vedanta.

Photo of the Tata Nano

India: Tata calls it a day and pulls Nano project from West Bengal

Tata Group has followed through on its threats to pull its planned production of the new Tata Nano car from West Bengal in the light on ongoing violent protests in the state.

Gold nugget in Guyana

Guyana: Omai Gold accused of unfair exploitation

Canadian company Omai Gold Mines has been accused in Parliament of having exploited the natural wealth of Guyana prior to handing over the mine at the end of its tenure.

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