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Bill Gates

Bill Gates will invest $2bn in renewables in the next five years

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has said that innovation will be the key to solving climate change, and has pledged to invest $2bn in developing renewable energy technologies over the coming five years. He said that he is already investing in companies working on battery storage, next-generation nuclear, solar and wind power, and carbon capture.

Photo of air pollution sunset

Australia: Business, unions and NGOs join forces over climate change

Four of Australia's biggest business lobby groups have joined an alliance with unions, investors and campaigning NGOs to call for more robust policies to take the country towards reducing the impact of climate change.

Oil palm

Papua New Guinea: Big palm oil firms investigating breach of deforestation commitments

Cargill and Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) have said that they will review allegations that a supplier, a subsidiary of Eagle High Plantations Tbk, had continued a programme of deforestation in Papua New Guinea in contravention of sustainability commitments.


US: Apple sets target to use renewable energy for all its needs - including its huge supply chain

Apple, which currently meets a reported 87% of its direct energy use via renewable sources, has raised the bar out of sight with its statement that it aims to do the same for the energy emissions it doesn't directly own or control - those in its supply chain.

Bank of America

US: Bank of America to shun coal to reduce risks of high carbon investments

Bank of America has said that it will reduce its financial exposure to coal companies based on an assessment of the risk to such investments from future regulation and competition from lower carbon natural gas. The announcement is the latest development in the continuing progress of the fossil fuel divestment campaign that has seen a growing focus on the possibility that current oil and coal reserves might come to be 'stranded assets' of no financial value.

Photo of oil pipeline

HSBC flags fossil fuel investment risks to investors

HSBC has warned of fossil fuel reserves becoming 'stranded assets' according to a private report reported by Newsweek. It says that fossil fuel companies may become 'economically unviable' as moves are taken away from carbon-based energy sources with the potential that this will mean some reserves of fossil fuels never have their financial value realised.

Oil palm

Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes go for sustainable palm oil

US doughnut brands Dunkin' Brands and Krispy Kremes have responded to pressure on palm oil and deforestation with a commitment to sustainable sourcing.

McDonald's Restaurant

Sustainable beef coalition frames draft principles

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) has produced draft principles which are open for comment until mid May. The group brings together companies such as Walmart and McDonalds along with NGOs such as WWF and the Rainforest Alliance.

Love your clothes

UK: Clothing companies pledge to reduce lifetime impact of clothes

Major retailers and fashion firms, such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Tesco, Next and Stella McCartney, have signed up to a commitment to make significant reductions in the environmental impacts of clothing.

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

Indonesia: Pulp and paper company APRIL threatened over deforestation

The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has said that APRIL, a major pulp and paper company in Indonesia, will be expelled from its membership unless it can show that it has ended deforestation.

Photo of smoke from a steel mill

CEOs struggling to make the business case for Sustainability

According to the United Nations Global Compact, chief executives are finding it progressively harder to make the case for substantial action on sustainability. They are increasingly looking toward governments for active policy leadership.

Oil in Sudan

Chad: China's CNPC suspended for environmental harm

The Chinese state-run oil frim China National Petroleum Corporation has been suspended from operating in Chad following an oil spill in sites near to forest. The government has not said how long the suspension will remain in effect.

Whales on deck

Japan: Yahoo affiliate under fire for whale meat ads

Yahoo! has found itself embarrassed by its Japanese affiliate which is promoting tinned and fresh whale products, despite the company's ban on such sales anywhere else in the world. The company has said it has no power to impose its policies onto Softbank, which runs the site in Japan.

Oil exploration in the rainforest

Peru: Pluspetrol in spotlight over Amazon rainforest pollution

Argentinian firm Pluspetrol is in the firing line after Peru declared an environmental state of emergency in the Amazon rainforest. High levels of barium, lead, chrome and other petroleum-related chemicals have been found. Pluspetrol has operated the oil fields nearby since 2001.

BP Hellas

US: BP kicks back over 'fictitious' compensation pay-outs

BP is taking legal action to prevent administrators for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill compensation fund from paying out to people and companies that it said had suffered no damage.

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

Indonesia: Asia Pulp & Paper to stop cutting natural forest timber

Asia Pulp & Paper, one of the most controversial companies worldwide for its forestry practices, has said that it is to stop using timber from Indonesia's natural forests, instead using only trees from plantations.

Waitrose Shell advert by Greenpeace
Greenpeace / Waitrose

UK: Waitrose puts hold on Shell partnership after social media storm

Retailer Waitrose has said it is putting its plans to expand its partnership with Shell on hold, following attacks against the company by environmental campaigners. The company, which goes to great lengths to ensure good practices in its supply chain for food, was planning on opening more shops at Shell petrol stations.

Chinese police at Ningbo protests

China: Protests against polluting plants on the rise

Demonstrations against the proposed expansion of a petrochemical plant in Ningbo have concluded with the city backing down on the plans. The move is the latest chapter in a growing trend of response against pollution caused by Chinese factories.

Photo of oil platform in Nigeria

Brazil: Chevron head threatened with 30 years jail over spill

Criminal charges are being brought against 17 employees of Chevron and Transocean for an oil spill in Rio de Janeiro. Prosecutors said that George Buck, the head of Chevron's operations in Brazil, should go to prison for 31 years for his part in creating a major incident of pollution.

Pesticides use

France: Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning

Monsanto has been found guilty by a court in Lyon of poisoning farmer Paul Francois who suffered neurological problesm after using the company's Lasso weedkiller. The suit charged that Monsanto had failed to provide sufficient warnings on the product label.

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