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In this issue, we consider the industries that will have the hardest time adapting to climate change.


I forgot to mention in the editorial last time that some exceptionally kind, and to give them credit quick and well skilled, individuals stole my laptop recently. OK, it wasn't backed up as recently as it should have been, although recently enough not to be a disaster. However, I know for a fact that there were a couple of weeks of emails that hadn't all been answered yet, which I now can't recover. Apologies if you were one of those that emailed and didn't hear back from me.

One of the consequences of having lost some recent work however, was that I had to cancel my attendance at the Asian Forum on CSR whilst we were piecing things together again. My apologies to any that booked onto the breakout session there who then found me absent, and also to the organisers for not being able to do the citation for the awards. All the reports I had of the event were excellent, so it was obviously as well organised as usual.

OK - it really is time now to change the vote on the website. The current vote is as follows:

Recent announcements by the big supermarkets about environmental practices represent:
A real shift towards sustainable practice 375 (30%)
A small step only, with much more needed 551 (43%)
Nothing but cynical public relations 338 (27%)

Thanks to the 1264 people that voted!

The vote has now been changed to the following:

Which of these groups has done the most so far to respond to the challenge of climate change?
1. Governments
2. Businesses
3. Citizens

See what you make of that!


Canada: CEOs urge stronger action on climate change

A group of top Canadian chief executives has called for urgent action on climate change, describing it as the "most pressing and daunting" issue faced by the world today.

China: Major companies focus on fewer human rights

A new survey of the human rights policies of 25 major internationally-focused Chinese companies has shown that the companies recognise fewer human rights and at a lower level than their global counterparts.

Siemens fined 210m euros over bribes

Siemens has been fined following an investigation into payments of bribes to gain contracts. The company also is to pay 179m euros in back tax payments after having been found to have failed to declare payments properly.

US: Toyota's green image in question

Environmental campaign groups have criticised what they see as resistance by Toyota Motor Corp to fuel economy proposals to be considered by the US Congress. Other companies, such as Ford and General Motors share the same public policy position, but Toyota has attracted particular attention because of its more progressive track record of producing greener cars, such as the Prius hybrid.

Burma: Total resists pressure to withdraw

The CEO of Total, Christophe de Mangerie, has rejected calls from a variety of sources, including the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to withdraw from Burma in the face of the recent violence there.

Finland: CSR beginning to be influential on consumer behaviour

Corporate social responsibility is beginning to be a influencing factor in consumer behaviour in Finland according to a new TNS Gallup survey.

China: Reports on Foxconn abuses suppressed

The Chinese government suppressed news reporting of the allegations of poor working conditions at the Apple iPod factory run by Foxconn last year, according to a new report from Reporters Without Borders.


Climate change: A frontier made of cement and steel

Author: Mallen Baker, dated 14 Oct 2007

So, to the delight of some and the irritation of others, Al Gore has been given the joint honour of the nobel peace prize, alongside the IPCC. Both have had a huge part to play in raising awareness. Awareness, however, is the easy part.

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