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In this issue, we ask which is taking the climate change agenda more seriously - business or campaign groups?


One day late, due to technical problems. The best laid plans ...

If you want to be successful in business, you have little problem knowing whether you have achieved your goal. Your customers tell you, day in, day out. Get it wrong, and you're broke and trying to work out what in heck happened.

But what about the campaign groups who lobby and / or attack businesses? What would a good quality approach look like from them? Do we get the campaign groups we deserve? This time that is the focus for the main feature.

CSR reporting is too important to get wrong. Done well, it can help drive performance in the business. It can develop the dialogue between the business and its key stakeholders. And it can focus the company's mind on where it needs to go.

So why do I think that the Global Reporting Initiative, the commonly recognised 'global standard' for reporting is a busted flush? Why do I think we need a different approach for the next evolution of reporting?

Well, if you're anywhere around Brussels on 11th June, you can find out by going to Ethical Corporation's CR Reporting summit where I will be debating this very point with the Deputy CEO of the GRI. And of course, a whole bunch of cutting edge sessions with the people on the coal face of making reports happen. See the ad below for more details.

All this would make you think I was very controversial by nature, rather than the affable, consensual chap that I really am!

Beautiful sunshine here at the moment - I hope it's good wherever you are. Have a great week.


Honduras: Goldcorp urged to clean up closing mine

Goldcorp has been urged by catholic aid agencies CAFOD and Development & Peace to ensure that its San Martin mine in Honduras avoids potential environmental impact at the end of its life. The mine is due to close at the end of the year.

Colombia: Drummond disputes accusations over paramilitary support

Coal mining company Drummond has said that it has no connection to the violence that has been endemic to Colombia for many years, and that it disputes a lawsuit brought to a US federal court suggesting it had made payments to paramilitary groups.

Brazil: Products of Amazon destruction still widely consumed: Greenpeace

A new report has said that beef, leather and other cattle products are being widely distributed from illegal deforestation of the Amazon. According to Greenpeace, the products are finding their way into the supply chains of a number of top brands, such as Adidas, Timberland, Honda, Gucci and Nike.

UK: British business targeted in US bribery investigations

British-based companies make up the majority of targets of investigations over corporate bribery carried out by the US government, according to recent research.

Netherlands: Shell will compensate shareholders for reserves scandal

The Amsterdam court of appeal has resolved that compensation should be paid out by Royal Dutch Shell to non-US shareholders for the scandal five years ago when the company overstated its oil reserves. The affair saw the removal of Shell's chairman at the time Phil Watts - who was also a leading light with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


How the campaign groups now lag behind business and need to catch up

Author: Mallen Baker, dated 2 Jun 2009

If you consider some of the reports of the recent World Business Summit on Climate Change side by side, you would think they covered two different events.

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