Business Respect - CSR Dispatches No#167 - 20 Jul 2010

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In this issue, we speak up in defence of 'most hated and most clueless' Tony Hayward, CEO of BP


No, you didn't miss it. This newsletter has been absent without leave for a while. It's back.

For the last month, all anyone's been able to talk about is BP, of course. We have seen BP CEO universally derided - he has been labelled as "most hated and most clueless" in America, and speculation has been rife about just how soon it will be before he disappears through the back door.

In the main feature in this issue, I present a different view. There are lots of lessons to be learnt from BP's recent troubles - but we don't arrive at many of them by laying all the blame on the door of one man. See what you think - and if you feel moved to comment, post your thoughts on the blog.


China: Hang Seng launches corporate sustainability index

Hang Seng Indexes has become the latest to launch a series of sustainability indices, covering Hong Kong and Chinese companies. The aims of the index series is to "further raise awareness about corporate sustainability" as well as to meet international demand for socially responsible investment in Chinese companies.

US: Nestle to drop 'deceptive' health claims

Nestle have said they will drop adverts that were described by the Federal Trade Commission as deceptive. The company's drink Boost Kid Essentials was sold in some ads on its ability to stop children catching colds and missing school.

Kazakhstan: Philip Morris suppliers used child and forced labour

A new report by Human Rights Watch has said that tobacco bought by Philip Morris International from Kazakhstan included farms that used workers that had been coerced into labour, along with child labour.


In defence of Tony Hayward

Author: , dated 12 Jul 2010

BP's oil spill has been a catastrophe with a number of important lessons for other businesses. However, many of these lessons are being lost because of the tendency to simply personalise the problem as being the fault of one man - Tony Hayward. CSR writers and US Presidents alike have cast Hayward into the role of the 'bumbler', the ineffective and irresponsible non-leader, the gaffe-prone idiot. He wasn't simply branded as the 'most-hated' man in America, but also the 'most clueless'.

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