Business Respect - CSR Dispatches No#170 - 21 Oct 2010

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In this issue, we consider the implications of integrated reporting - is this the final destination for CSR or sustainability reporting?


Lots of people that are focused on corporate responsibility or sustainability reporting are now talking about integrated reporting as the next step forward.

What does it mean? And what are the implications? That is the focus for the main feature this time.

And if it whets the appetite, you might want to check out the Ethical Corporation conference in London that focuses on this, and a number of other issues related to reporting. See the advert below for a useful link to get more information.

Any newsletter readers from Macedonia - I will be visiting in a couple of weeks time to run a two day workshop in Skopje. Let me know if you'd like to meet up while I'm in town.


Sony pulls support from climate change campaign after 'tasteless video'

Sony is withdrawing from the climate change campaign 10:10 following a video aimed at building support for the initiative that graphically shows non-supporters being blown up. The company said that the video was "ill-conceived and tasteless".

UK: Reckitt Benckiser fined for market abuse

Household products group Reckitt Benckiser admitted abusing a dominant position in the marketplace, and is likely to be hit with a 10m pound fine. The company had withdrawn its Gaviscon Original Liquid from National Health Service (NHS) prescription use when it came off patent - forcing doctors to prescribe an alternative Reckitt product which was still covered by patent.

BP links staff bonuses to safety improvements

BP's new chief executive Bob Dudley has told employees that the only basis for judging performance in the coming quarter will be on progress made in reducing risk and raising safety standards. The message, which was announced in an email leaked to the Wall Street Journal, was the latest sign that the new regime at the company are working on improving its image.


Integrated Reporting - The gulf between theory and practice

Author: Mallen Baker, dated 21 Oct 2010

The growing profile around integrated reporting is a good thing. It will take us into places on sustainability reporting we probably wouldn't have gotten to otherwise. But there's some wishful thinking going on that probably won't be part of the reality.

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