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In this edition, we look at the lessons for CSR reporting from the final report of the Business Impact Review Group.


Apologies to anyone who has emailed over the last few weeks and is still awaiting a reply. The Business in the Community conference took place this week, and quite a few other tasks have been put on hold in the mean time!

Arising from that conference, this edition sees a return to reflections on the state of CSR reporting prompted by the final report of the Business Impact Review Group. The final report of the group - 20 companies committed to developing a business-led approach to CSR reporting - signifies a real challenge to some of the frameworks currently floating out there.

Last issue, we floated the fact that we would like to get some of the core pages from the website into different languages - the web is an international medium after all. The site has always been relatively well geographically spread in its usage (at least that's what the logfiles suggest) - and we have also noted a number of entries that suggest people are using online translation systems. Such systems can help you to glean the barest meaning from a site, but are generally most honoured for their entertainment value than anything else, so we are keen to get some of the core content into different languages.

This time, we can gratefully report that we have our first taker. We would like to thank Jeroen Hoff for offering to translate some key pages into Dutch! Now we just hope that we won't start getting some of the speaking engagements Mallen gets invited to from time to time making the assumption that he can present in any language on the website!

We would still be keen to get, in particular, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese versions!

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Nike v Kasky: Supreme Court ducks free speech ruling

The US Supreme Court has refused to rule on the issues around commercial speech and free speech at the heart of the Nike v Kasky trial, and have ordered that the California Court hearing can proceed.

India: Court confirms gender discrimination is lawful

India's supreme court has set aside a previous judgement raising the flying age of air hostesses with Air India from 50 to 58 - confirming in the process that a differential retirement age applied between men and women. The move is likely to be met with dismay by around 70 air hostesses affected, whose income will halve without the significant flight allowances.

Tyco takes action on 'golden parachutes'

Tyco International has announced that it is to take action to limit the highly criticised 'golden parachutes' feature of its executive remuneration policy.

Russia: Yukos raided by police

Russian oil giant Yukos has been raided by armed police, following the opening of investigations against a key shareholder.

European business groups attack proposed chemicals legislation

The European Chemical Industry Council and the main European business association UNICE have attacked proposed EU legislation on chemical safety regulations as dangerous to European competitiveness.

Canada: BC Lottery focuses on problem gambling

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has said that it is aiming to tackle the issues around problem gambling.

Pakistan: PKP Exploration signs up to conservation

PKP Exploration Ltd, the oil company, has signed an agreement for the conservation of the juniper forests in Ziarat and Zarghoon with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

British American Tobacco pressured to withdraw from Uzbekistan

British American Tobacco is facing pressure to withdraw from investments in the former USSR state of Uzbekistan following criticisms of the country's human rights record.

US: Top companies failing to address climate risk

Most of America's biggest corporate contributers to greenhouse gas emissions, including ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil and General Electric, are not adequately disclosing the financial risks posed by climate change and are failing to deal with the issues, according to a new study of 20 of the largest companies.

Asian CSR Awards to be given in Bangkok

Business leaders, consumer groups and educational institutions have teamed up for the first ever Asian Corporate Social Responsibility awards, to be given out on September 19th in Bangkok.

Carillion named as Business in the Community company of the year

Carillion, the construction company, was named as Business in the Community's Company of the Year at its annual Awards for Excellence ceremony. The company was praised for its overall systems and approach to managing its social responsibility.

UK: Airport operator urges government to tax air fuel

BAA, the UK airports operator behind Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, is to call on the government to introduce a system of environmental charges for airlines relating to their contribution to climate change.

US and India: Coca-Cola faces trouble on two fronts

Coca-Cola has said that US federal prosecutors are investigating the company for allegations of fraudulent marketing and accounting, made by a lawsuit brought by a former employee.


Looking for business solutions on CSR reporting

Author: Mallen Baker, dated 13 Jul 2003

The recent Business in the Community annual conference saw the beginning of a fascinating exploration of how companies deal with their marketplace issues, as well as the launch of a whole new series of best practice case studies associated with the BITC awards.

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