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UK: Innocent smoothies attacked over green claims

Date: 3 Aug 2008

Photo of three Innocent smoothie bottles

Innocent drinks, which have created a brand identity based on its ethical and environmental credentials, has been accused of misleading consumers about how its fruit is transported around the world.

According to the company's website, its fruit always travels by boat or by rail in order to use less fossil fuel than air freight or road transport. However, the UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph said that it had found evidence that the drinks were transported to the UK from the European continent in road tankers for bottling in the UK.

Campaigners were quick to accuse the company of making false claims.

One of the company founders, Richard Reed denied that there had been a deliberate attempt to mislead customers, but accepted that since they moved production overseas they hadn't publicised the change. He said that the information on the website was out of date, and would be rectified.


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