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Bangladesh: Primark and other UK retailers accused of suppliers paying 'starvation wages'

Date: 6 Dec 2008

Scene from Primark coverage

Primark, the cut price retailers recently voted as the 'least ethical high street retailer' was under fire again with protests around its AGM making claims of supplier's workers being paid as little as 7 UK pence per hour and denied union representation.

Campaign group War on Want said that it had carried out a survey of 115 workers from six factories, and found an average wage of 19 UK pounds. It also believed that similar conditions existed at factories providing goods for Asda and Tesco.

Primark contested the claims, and said that its supply chain raised living standards by providing employment.

The company recently pulled from a presentation to the PR Week conference where it was due to talk about how it had emerged from the crisis of bad publicity when it was featured in a television documentary selling products that had had the involvement of child labour. It withdrew when it became clear that protests were planned around the conference targeting the company.


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