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Zimbabwe: Nestle to stop buying milk from Mugabe family

Date: 2 Oct 2009

Photo of Robert Mugabe

Nestle has said that it will no longer buy milk from a farm that was siezed from white farmers which is now owned by the wife of Robert Mugabe.

The company said that it had supported farms providing milk as the country's dairy industry had teetered on the edge of collapse. It had been buying from the Gushongo Dairy Estate as a temporary arrangement, but would switch back to buying from the Dairy Board of Zimbabwe.

Nestle said that it had a long-term commitment to Zimbabwe, but that circumstances around land reform had made it difficult to avoid problems as it tried to keep supplies flowing. The Mugabes are still subject to international sanctions although the sanctions do not cover this sort of trade.

Zimbabwe's controversial policy of land reform has seen a sharp decrease in farm production, as well as astronomical inflation, leading to shortages of most basic commodities.


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