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US: Key companies quit climate change coalition

Date: 17 Feb 2010

Photo of air pollution sunset

BP, Caterpillar and ConocoPhillips have said that they are to pull membership of the Climate Action Partnership - the group of companies that had been supporting President Obama's climate change legislation agenda. The companies said they would devote resources to furthering their business interests in other ways.

The move reflected dissatisfaction with the detail of proposed climate legislation, which the companies believed had taken a direction that unnecessarily punished their industry. They said that they favoured "friendlier climate legislation", as well as new product development.

BP and Caterpillar were founding members of the Coalition, which enjoyed some success in shaping US policy. Now, however, the companies criticised legislative proposals for not giving adequate incentives for natural gas, as well as not providing enough carbon permits to oil refiners.

All of the companies state that their concerns over climate change remain the same, but they are seeking different approaches.

Other companies are still leading the lobbying charge for climate change legislation as currently framed. Companies such as Nike and Starbucks are to take part in campaigning for legislation in an initiative headed "the Race for American JObs and Clean Energy Leadership".


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