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Nestle announces NGO partnership to verify palm oil

Date: 18 May 2010

Oil palm

Nestle has said that it will work with the Forest Trust to review its palm oil supply chain to ensure it is not associated with illegal rainforest and peatland clearance. The move follows a vigorous campaign against the company by NGO Greenpeace.

Suppliers that fail to meet the criteria set by the two organisations will be required to fall into line or face being delisted. It represents a significant attempt to make progress in the face of a current status quo where palm oil is routinely mixed together making accurate traceability impossible.

The Forest Trust has formerly been known for its focus on timber procurement, working with UK companies such as Kingfisher (owner of the B&Q retail chain) and Marks & Spencer.


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Comment by: Sean Flynn on 30 May 2010

I'm very glad Nestle has decided to move towards a sustainable business model.

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