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UK: Companies call for targets on low carbon power

Date: 8 Oct 2012

Photo of air pollution sunset

A number of major businesses have called on the government to adopt a 2030 target for reduced carbon from the power sector. The current Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has been hostile to such targets to date, attacking green policies as a burden on business.

The companies include major firms such as Walmart-Asda, Microsoft, PepsiCo, BT and BSkyB. They have written to Osborne to urge support for a target that would ensure most of the country's electricity was generated by low-carbon sources. They implicitly criticised the Chancellor's stated support for a 'dash for gas', saying that such statements undermined the government's perceived commitment to a low carbon transition.

The letter was co-ordinated the Aldersgate Group, a coalition of sustainability-minded businesses, individuals and other organisations.


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