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Indonesia: Pulp and paper company APRIL threatened over deforestation

Date: 17 Jan 2014

Photo of sawn timber in Ghana

The World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has said that APRIL, a major pulp and paper company in Indonesia, will be expelled from its membership unless it can show that it has ended deforestation.

According to Greenpeace, APRIL's membership has been put on formal probation, and the company has been given twelve months to bring itself into line.

Phil Aikman from Greenpeace said: "When an organisation led by CEOs of some of the world’s biggest corporations threatens to kick it out of the club, then you would think APRIL would listen. It’s time for APRIL to take this threat seriously and finally implement an immediate moratorium on all further forest clearance."

Greenpeace had been involved in lobbying WBCSD over APRIL's membership. It says that recent data has shown that 60% of fibre supply to APRIL's pulp mill in Indonesia is rainforest wood.


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