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US: Chipotle sued for GM-free menu claims

Date: 1 Sep 2015

Chipotle GM

Chipotle, which caused something of a stir when it previously announced it was aiming to purge its menu of genetically modified ingredients, is being sued by a Californian woman for false advertising.

The woman, Colleen Gallagher, said that the company's menu had never been genuinely GM-free, and that its claims were intended to deceive diners into paying more for their food. The company has based its claims on its removal from its supply chain of GM corn and soy - common sources of GM food in restaurants.

On the company's website, it does admit that, the prevalence of GM in animal feed means that most of the animal protein the restaurants sell will likely have been given GM feed. Beverages containing fructose corn syrup are also likely to contain GMOs. It says it is working to solve these problems for the future. However, the lawsuit argues that people are unlikely to see these disclaimers and are being misled into believing the full menu is GM-free.

The company has said it intends to contest the suit.


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