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Mapping the Landscape - CSR issues for the media sector 2008

Media CSR Forum issues map

Date posted: 6 Apr 2009 - Category: report

Organisation: Media CSR Forum

Description: The Media CSR Forum is a group of media organisations developing CSR and sustainability practices and understanding for the UK media sector. In 2003 the forum commissioned a stakeholder engagement exercise in order to validate the focus areas for the group. Some of these areas have unique implications to the sector. These include: diversity of output, accessibility, security, privacy, freedom of expression, creative independence, transparency of process, impartiality and balance, and media literacy. This report is the result of a new stakeholder survey, which looked to identify the main CSR issues the media industry face.

Document type:  pdf

Our ranking
Insightfour stars
Originalityfour stars
Credibilitythree stars
Overallfour stars

Our comments:  The CSR issues around the media sector are amongst the trickiest, because they can be so specific to the culture of the country, and so much based on societal expectations. This recent report is interesting because it adds several new issues to the map created in 2003 - including responsible advertising and climate change. It may seem surprising that climate change didn't make the list in 2003. Back then, the media companies saw themselves as having minimal environmental impact, focusing instead on the responsibilities of media content. Of course, everyone now understands that they have an important part to play in this area in 2009. The slightly lower rating on credibility comes because the survey had such small participation from industry participants, making it largely an outside view of the issues for the sector. Coming from the Media CSR Forum, you would have expected that this would be a legitimate place for the real media sector voice to be heard.

Tags: General CSR, Climate change, Responsible marketing

Link to resource:  Mapping the Landscape - CSR issues for the media sector 2008

Undue Diligence: How banks do business with corrupt regimes

Global Witness - Undue Diligence

Date posted: 12 Mar 2009 - Category: report

Organisation: Global Witness

Description: Global Witness' new report Undue Diligence names some of the major banks who have done business with corrupt regimes. By accepting these customers, banks are assisting those who are using state assets to enrich themselves or brutalise their own people.

Document type:  pdf

Our ranking
Insightfive stars
Originalityfour stars
Credibilityfour stars
Overallfour stars

Our comments:  As if the banks weren't under the cosh enough at the moment - this timely and well argued report puts the squeeze on even further. It raises all sorts of difficult questions - how far can banks really vet the credentials of governments that they deal with? But the cases in the report are a compelling argument that more needs to be done to avoid relationships with the most obnoxious abusers.

Tags: General CSR, Controversial countries, Corruption

Link to resource:  Undue Diligence: How banks do business with corrupt regimes

Corporate Social Responsibility in Canada: The 2008 Ivey-Jantzi Research Report

Date posted: 16 Mar 2008 - Category: report

Organisation: Ivey / Jantzi

Document type:  pdf

Tags: General CSR

Link to resource:  Corporate Social Responsibility in Canada: The 2008 Ivey-Jantzi Research Report

A new mindset for corporate sustainability

Date posted: 20 Jan 2008 - Category: report

Author: Six academics worldwide

Organisation: BT / Cisco - Bigger Thinking

Document type:  pdf

Tags: General CSR

Link to resource:  A new mindset for corporate sustainability

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