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Telus: Leading the Canadian Telecommunications Sector in CSR

Date posted: 12 Mar 2009 - Category: case

Organisation: Interdepartmental Working Group on CSR

Description: "TELUS is considered a leader with respect to sustainability activities taken by North American telecom companies.8 It recognizes that those companies who can prove that they are providing open and timely financial and other information to shareholders and investors will have more of a chance to climb out of this economic downturn."

Document type:  pdf

Our ranking
Insightthree stars
Originalityfour stars
Credibilityfour stars
Overallfour stars

Our comments:  A detailed case study, hosted by the Canadian government. On the one hand, it has moments of frank acknowledgment of some of the challenges - particularly its discussion of the disconnection between commitment to CSR and the behaviour of the company's share price. On the other, it is all told from the corporate entity's perspective (Telus thinks this, Telus does that) and its length is about covering all the different aspects of the agenda, rather than providing great depth on one. A case study needs to give more than you would find anyway in the CSR report.

Tags: Environment, Philanthropy, Workplace

Link to resource:  Telus: Leading the Canadian Telecommunications Sector in CSR

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